Reflections and changes upon the New Year

Each coming of the Gregorian New Year often brings a period of self-reflection (look no further than the multitude of Facebook posts summarizing thoughts and prayers for the year). I myself was no exception, as this year in particular has been a wonderful turning point for something that I have been waiting and praying for the last 8 years…

I got a new baby!!

Finally, after 8 years of wanting and dreaming of a new sibling for Umar, 6 years of TTC (trying to conceive), multiple fertility treatments (Clomid and Femara pills, 3 IUIs, 4 IVFs including 2 FETs or Frozen Embryo Transfer) and countless funds spent, Allah swt the Almighty has blessed me with another child.

The year has been fast with me going through a few life shifts – a new job, saying goodbye to the family house that I grew up in and going through my second pregnancy. The job has been wonderful with a supportive boss and fun team mates. Leaving the family house has left a bit of a deep scar which I think will always be there like the mark on Harry Potter’s forehead. The pregnancy has been a beautiful experience, marred only with nausea in the first trimester and bouts of vomiting during the delivery day. Otherwise, I’d do it again.

Along with my self reflection during my pantang period, I have summarized my key takeaways in my life to date which are as follows:

1. Do everything for the sake of Allah
I read this in the comments thread of famous blogger and entrepreneur Vivy Yusof’s IG and her comment to one of her fans just struck me on its simplicity and truth. Nothing you do in life should have the intention and objective other than to please the Almighty. It might seem too virtuous or pure, but if we can apply this to everything we do in our daily lives I am certain this will yield the best type of results in our happiness and contentment. Going to work? That’s for you to earn a decent living and be a good Muslim and contribute to society. Studying? Ditto. Having kids? Not for the “right number” or peer pressure, but to be a better person and caliph in this temporary world.

2. Nothing beats being a mom

I read this in an issue of O magazine and again the words stuck with me. I love being a mother more than anything that I do in this life and it is the proudest title I hold. I may not be a stay at home mom and I may not be the most domestic mother (although I can bake a decent batch of chocolate chip cookies) but I know i love my sons and would take a bullet for them.

3. Life is about having your breath taken away and not the number of breaths

I believe this is a Maya Angelou quote and it is something I completely agree to. Life is short so it is imperative to fill it with the most awesome moments amidst the normal, day-to-day routines. The moments that took my breath away include those when I gave birth to my sons, gazing at the beautiful sceneries when I travel the planet and laugh out loud sessions with friends and family (especially those that invoke happy tears).

4. Have faith in the Almighty’s plans

The Almighty knows best. Time and time again I could have given up on TTC but I didn’t. I had to wait years but in the end everything has shaped up to be absolutely worth it. He indeed knows better than we do, so in times of calamity and distress, yield yourself completely to Him and trust in His timing.

May 2017 bring another year of breathless moments, faith and love for all of us!

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