Having faith and being grateful

I lied.

I think I chose the wrong message in my last post. I previously said that if there’s one key takeaway a reader can take from my blog, it’s that faith keeps you together in relationships. But what about people who are single? What about those who had their true soulmate pass away early in their relationship? I don’t profess to even know an ounce of how to act in those circumstances.

The right single message from my blog is actually this: Have faith and be grateful. And it applies to everyone.

We live in the era of social media where our newsfeed are adorned with happy famillies with beautiful sun-kissed children playing by the beach and perfect no-filter vacation shots taken at the right angle of various global attractions. Haplessly we scroll and scroll with jealousy, bitch to others and furiously unfollowing (or even worse, becoming a troll). The slow but sure suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) coupled with YOLO (You Only Live Once) yearnings continue to gnaw at us.

We want to Have It All. Money, career, wedding, marriage, kids, house, vacations, car, smartphone. Witty Facebook statuses, smart Twitter updates in less than 140 characters, perfect Instagram shots and hundreds of friends or followers liking our social media trail – which for some can be even better than the items themselves.

However, we don’t see the pain from couples’ arguments, trouble with in-laws, financial challenges, kids with behavioural or learning disabilities and medical/health sufferings. We don’t see the insecurities, the fights, the confusion and the constant re-balancing. We don’t see the growing pains of life, and life really is not perfect for everyone.

So how do we achieve that elusive happiness or success? By having faith and being grateful. Yes they may sound corny and have been repeated uncountable times across all lifestyle articles and self-help books, but they really are the simple and correct thing to do.

They’re not some grand destination, but rather a journey of consistent actions. You start having faith by constantly renewing your faith to the One Above in various gestures throughout the day – praying, meditating, observing nature and doing good to people. You start to be grateful by thanking God throughout the day – by actually saying it out loud (in prayers, talking to others) or writing it down (in a diary, poems or social media statuses).

You may not be perfect (and you know no one is) and you may be in a shitty situation – but you have faith that this too shall pass and when it does, you’re eternally more grateful and better for it.

Little by little, you will be a person who has faith and is always grateful.

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