Honouring others who have not been so lucky

Our helper had her first grandchild last night, a boy, weighing 4kg. Her first daughter (aged 21) delivered at home with just a bidan (doula), with no doctors, no medical equipment, no hospitals.

Unable to do anything else, I asked her the same question I’d asked a few months earlier – if she wanted to go back to see the baby, either now or after Eid. She declined. To her it’s a waste because it’s expensive, plus once she’s back home it would be so hard for her to part ways with her family again.. whilst she knows that she needs to work these next few years to provide for her family back home.

Which got me to thinking, what right did I have to be born into a better economic and social environment compared to hers? We are just a few years apart, but God graced me with a good start in life which allowed me to be where I am today, surrounded by love, health and wealth (Alhamdulillah).

Usually every day I am reminded of whatever problems I am having in life. Today, I am reminded that they are nothing compared to others’ who have it much worse than me. And above all, I must try to contribute more to society and make a difference. It is my duty to others who have not had the enablers and facilities I’ve had. It is my way of honouring them.

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