What would you do for a career if you had the choice?

What would you do for a career if you had the freedom to choose? This has been the question that I’ve been pondering for the last few years of my life.

For the true stay-at-home mother, the answer is more straightforward – I’m talking about those whose life passion is to be a homemaker and take care of their family – like my mother in law, whose homemaker profession makes her truly happy and fulfilled. But for the rest of us, who prefer to be outside the house and “outsource” the homemaking to somebody else (*cringe*) – what would you do if you truly had the choice?

The thing is, I still don’t know the answer to this very day. I mean I have some ideas, based on the following buckets below, but nothing with the 100% conviction that I’m looking.

Nevertheless, I figure I will start researching accordingly until I find it. And you can too:

1. What are your passion and interests? I love anything relating to people and pop culture, particularly with women, so probably something to do with women’s magazines (for the features and gossip rather than fashion), TV shows (I LOVE Oprah) or journalism (lifestyle issues rather than politics/finance).

2. What kind of skills do you have? I have been told that I can write reasonably well, so if I had the choice I probably should have pursued writing or journalism, although the former may be too solitary for me. I can also communicate well with people from various backgrounds, so it puts me in a good position in anything people-related. My issue with myself is that I believe I’m more of a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none (boo!)

3. What’s your personality like? I am easygoing, sociable and love to travel, so it would have been great to be a travel blogger or lifestyle blogger, covering places and events. Check out my previous post on my EFNP personality on this.

4. What’s your motivation or key drivers in life? One thing that definitely does not drive me in a major way is money. Of course I need it just like everybody else, but I’ve noticed that I don’t have that same hunger for “hard” markets, trends, yields and rates like the rest. I think I am driven more by emotions or “soft” things – happiness, fulfillment, understanding the world, its people and how it works.

All in all, safe to say the path of investment and finance that I was taking for the previous 12 years is definitely NOT for me. Luckily I had made the leap recently to business development, something that is more outgoing, social and more, well, me.

Perhaps as I’ve been toying recently, I should be an entrepreneur. After all, entrepreneurs should be all-rounded and have a capability to tie everything together in a chaotic setting, as opposed to a corporate office. The problem is, which business should I do?

I’m still researching to this day, but to date I’ve identified the following values that my business must strive to have: (a) Online-based; (b) Global/APAC market; (c) Target market of middle-income, urban, preferably women; (d) Needs to solve a problem; (e) Involve a passion of mine (lifestyle, travel, eating out, women-related, helping people, etc).

Now, to find that elusive golden ticket..

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