The rise and fall of the self-esteem

If you’re from this part of the world, you may be aware that parts of Malaysia have been inundated with heavy floods which is expected to cost the government RM1 billion in damages, with 21 lives lost and 250,000 displaced to date.

I have never been so proud of my fellow citizens. There have been countless donation drives, back-to-school packing sessions and transportation crowdfunding (choppers, trucks, boats, you name it). Family, friends and strangers alike have volunteered and ventured to the affected areas to help ease the shortage of logistics to send out aid to hard-hit areas.

We have been helping out as much as we can. Amidst all the doom and gloom, I actually had something pretty funny happen to me.

The other night I was helping the local community pack the flood relief items in a nearby mosque. Pairing up with an elderly lady while packing boxes, she asked me “Are you still in school?” which undoubtedly brought my self-esteem to a new high (higher than it’s ever been recently, in fact) as I proudly told her I am in fact, already a married careerwoman with a kid.

I tried to hide a smile. Who wouldn’t be happy to hear a stranger say something like that?

But as they say, God is fair and just as He can make you rise, He can also make you fall.

As I pushed the box to the collection point, a teenage boy not older than 15 came up to me and asked “Auntie, do you have a pair of scissors?” Well played, well played.

Talk about the rise and fall of one’s self-esteem. Sigh..

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