My Travel Hit List: Top 10 Star Cruise Libra

Have you ever been on a cruise? Neither had we, until recently when we recently sailed on the Star Cruise Libra for 4 days 3 nights, from Penang to Phuket and Krabi. A couple of friends asked me how it was like, so I summarised my top tips in this post and also on IG.

Tips to maximise your cruise on Star Cruise Libra:

1. Pack light

Pack as light as you can for the cruise. Recycle outfits by using accessories to refresh your look and bring a cardigan, jacket or shawl as outerwear. The rooms are small so unpack well and hide the suitcase so it feels more spacious. They have two separate his and hers closets, as well as a small coat section which I used for our son’s clothes.

Rooms are small so unpack well!

Rooms are small so unpack well!

2. Make the jogging track your friend

Go for morning walks and watch the sunrise and sunset. Nothing nicer than waking up in the morning, take a couple of steps and lo and behold you are on the deck overlooking the open sea!


The track is your friend

3. Hang out on the top deck

The top deck is for walks, enjoying the views, sunbathing and reading a good book. Enjoy the fresh air at top deck and marvel at God’s creation. The sun, clouds, and blue seas are all there for display for your enjoyment courtesy of Him and there is no better place than a cruise to get to truly see them all.


Son enjoying the fresh air

4. Be a good sport

Join the classes and shows. There are parties, dancing, exercise, cooking and craft classes, as well as a myriad of entertainment shows. Be a good sport and play along. Nanta, a Korean comedy-chef show, was especially fun!

It's party time!!

It’s party time!!

5. Eat eat eat

Eat!! The cruise has at least 6 different F&B outlets to try, with 3 of them being all-inclusive with the cruise tickets. One restaurant is usually 24-hours for those on a different night shift (wink). We loved the BBQ party on the first night and the gala dinner on the last night, as the food was especially awesome. And for the latter, it was a Malaysian Malay chef!

BBQ party

BBQ party

6. Get off the ship!

The cruise comes with excursions, such as to Phuket (<12 hours) and Krabi (<6 hours). I had already been to Phuket last year, so I was extra looking forward to the excursion to Krabi – and I was not disappointed. Take all the excursions available and get out of the ship during the days so that you don’t feel too cramped on the cruise.

Say goodbye to your cruise ship every day!

Say goodbye to your cruise ship every day!

7. Play games

Play board games (no need to bring your own) with friends and family members, or with new-found friends on the cruise (I bonded with several ladies during morning dance classes). There’s also a basketball court for those with an affinity for hoops.


8. Use the facilities

The cruise has several options for activities – take a dip in one of the 3 pools available, sing in the karaoke lounge or work out at the gym.

Pool's there for a reason!

Pool’s there for a reason!

9. Catch up on reading

The cruise is a perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading, so bring your books or ipad with all your ebooks ready. The top deck is a great reading spot. Also, waiting times to get on and off the ship are long so have one handy then too.

10. Final notes

Bring an international adapter because the plug is of American / international standard plugs, or two-pin ones. Prepare a hoodie or fleece jacket in case it’s windy. And of course, buy some pills if you’re worried about getting seasick… I didn’t but felt some swaying and slight dizziness at times.

All in all, it was an awesome experience and I’d recommend it to everyone. Enjoy your cruise!

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