DO try. But in the right places

A close friend recently told me I should be a life coach so that more girls like her can benefit from my advice.

I don’t feel at all qualified, but since my blog is available for anyone to read and it’s free, I decided to take her comments to heart and renew my commitment to this blog, hence the new site makeover and branding.

There are plenty of messages I can give to young girls seeking their place in life, so I’ll try to organise my advice and thoughts systematically (consider a big WIP sign stamped across this page).

How many of you have heard of the song “Try” by Colbie Calait? I recently did a short cover clip on IG on this song (to imitate a senior colleague’s cover on IG which was awesome, and she’s someone I really look up to, but that’s a story for another day). I essentially love this song, the video and the powerful message it carries.

Girls, you don’t have to try so hard. Or rather, DO try. But in the right places.

Areas where you SHOULD try and do your best: The boring, yawn-inducing, predictable world of studies (if you’re a student), work (if you’re a worker bee, like me), relationships, health, yadda yadda yadda.

Where you DON’T have to try so hard:
1. External appearance – You are already beautiful as yourself. Less is more, especially when it comes to make up. The video gives out this message superbly.
2. Fashion – Don’t be a slave driver to fashion. Well-made classics last and look good forever.
3. Men – You DO NOT have to try so hard here. Years and years ago, I used to be the typical insecure, sad and lonely girl who used to give in to whatever my boyfriends said and wanted me to do. It was wrong, it was painful, and it was so bad for me. But as I grew up, I learnt to find my voice and I learnt to be happy by being myself and WITH myself. I learned not to (and still don’t today) rely on a man to make me happy.
4. Bad, mean people – This is such a cliche but it’s still true. Bad, mean and evil people are everywhere. They pop up in life as mean bosses, abusive family members or friends and strangers. Learn how to protect yourself and WALK AWAY. You don’t need to have negative people tearing you down. If you can’t walk away (i.e. if they’re a parent), learn to love who they are, but it’s okay to dislike the things they do – there’s a difference.

Love, love this song. Girls, listen to it, commit the words to memory, and live it.

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