Another day, another reason to be grateful

Sometimes I have #throwback moments and have the sudden urge to look through old pictures, particularly those throughout my son’s childhood.

I came across old pictures of my dear hubby when he was stationed overseas in Indonesia throughout 2008 and 2009. He was buiding a new manufacturing plant for a fertilizer company, whereas I was still serving my employment bond with my sponsor who generously provided for my 5 years’ education in the UK.


So we had a long-distance marriage during those two years. Mind you, it was not easy for us to live apart, especially if you know my husband personally and have seen what a doting father he is.

As you can imagine, he missed his son terribly and would fly back fortnightly to see him. In turn, we would fly across to him whenever we could in between so that the besotted father and son went no longer than a week or two apart without seeing each other.

However, I have to admit it was a difficult period for our marriage itself. If you think having a long-distance relationship is tough, try a marriage with a toddler! Everything easily became tense or developed into arguments since we saw each other less. Alhamdulillah, we both had strong family support from both sides and managed to get out of that period well.

And it’s true what they say, everything happens for a reason. In the end, his stint there earned him a place at the prestigious Melbourne Business School MBA program, while the company I then worked with allowed me to go and work in Melbourne for their subsidiary. Alhamdulillah again as this was truly a miracle for everything to have worked out like it did.

Also, I realized when I looked at his pictures when he was in Indonesia how loyal and responsible a husband he was (and still is). He looked pretty good in those days, too (gained a few pounds more since then, hehe). He could have cheated on me, but he never did. I don’t give him credit enough for that.

So if you have the time, go and review all those old pictures – you’ll be instantly transported back to that period of time and be reminded of all the tears and laughter that happened within it.

Another day, another reason to be grateful.

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