Tragedies in 2014

If you scroll only a few posts downward, you will see (both due to my infrequent posting ability and also the significantly short time period) that it was only recently that I was lamenting about the sadness that was MH370.

Unfortunately, even more has occurred since then. Flight MH17 got shot down due to a case of mistaken identity over a fragile war zone and nearly 300 people died and their bodies lay for days while international diplomacy was being sorted out.

Israel decided it would continue its mass extermination and bombings of normal civilians in Gaza, in a third war in recent memory since 2008 and 2012. It has killed 600+ people so far, a majority being civilians, and with more children murdered than the targets of Hamas freedom fighters (or terrorists as the Western media calls them).

This is in addition to the 7-year illegal siege and some 70 years after ethnic cleansing and land grabbing after the state of Israel was mandated in 1948 on Palestinian land. Palestinians already have no human rights, with all of their economic activity, trade, travel, utilities and resources controlled by the Israelis.

A ferry sank in South Korea, killing around 300 people who were mostly children and teenage students on a high school trip to Jeju Island. The owner of the ferry operator was just found dead, alone in an orchard cabin surrounded by alcohol.

Another plane crash occurred last night in Taiwan, with at least 40 people killed amidst reported bad weather.

Killings reportedly continuing in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and Ukraine. Girls being raped in Afghanistan, Indonesia and India. Schoolgirls kidnapped from school in Nigeria. Women allegedly being stoned to death in Iraq and Pakistan. Boys being raped in France and Italy within missionaries and prisons. These are amongst the articles that I can recall reading over the last few months.

It is tempting to point fingers at the One above and say “why do you permit all these senseless killings” but as hard as it is, we cannot ever do that. In the creation of the universe, God has already showed His powers to humans for them to reflect and act accordingly with the planet that they are entrusted with. Alas, it is man that often fail Him, time and time again. Especially Muslims. Or maybe it is the world media that specifically keeps highlighting these cases from Muslim areas. I don’t know.

What I do know is, these victims will be blessed by Him Insya Allah for all the sufferings they go through. And life on this earth is all but a stage of play.

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