We’re all just struggling by

Recently, I was at the airport waiting to board the plane for a business trip to Johor (I go down there for like every freaking week now.. tiring!) with two other colleagues.

Two things happened:

1: I was escorted to my bag by a policewoman to look for my boarding pass (it’s a long story) so every other passenger in the hall must have thought I was a nice Malay Muslim girl who moonlighted as a drug pusher at night; and

2: A beautiful woman walked by and said hello to my colleague, who said hi back. My colleague then explained to me that the gorgeous lady was an old classmate from school, and she was (a) beautiful (I could see that); (b) intelligent – Oxford grad, head of compliance at a leading investment bank; (c) has THREE gorgeous kids from both sexes; (d) has a gorgeous successful CEO type loving husband; (e) is actually alive and not a work of fiction. “It’s like,” she complained, “What the hell’s the matter with you? You’re perfect!”

I leaned back to her and whispered conspiratorially “My sister always said, if someone seems that perfect… then it’s highly probable that they can’t sing and suara sumbang.” She burst out laughing, nodded and said that’s a good one.

Seriously, though, jokes to put myself feel better compared to these people aside – some people seem so perfect, have a perfect loving family, marriage, kids, career, yadda yadda yadda. We all know people like this. But I’m pretty sure that nobody has a life that seemingly perfect. In fact, the truth is, we’re all just struggling by.

It may be that some people seem to have more luck than us, but it could be that they are much better at covering up flaws and weaknesses than others. Or they work hard to generate all the luck and success they’re getting. Also, happiness and success is relative. I’m well aware that my own life in comparison to someone from Syria or Palestine for example, may seem like a dream.

We’re all just trying our best. This has been the key theme of my blog – how I’m also, just like everyone else, trying to take life day by day and making the most out of the rezeki and berkat that Allah swt has given. It’s a responsibility and a duty. If we fail, we get up and try again. And again the next day.

So have pity on the next rich/poor/beautiful/ugly/thin/fat/successful/not successful person you meet and be kind. We’re all struggling to get by and we could use a kind word or smile each day.

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