Praying and waiting for MH370

The whole world has been waiting with bated breath on the loss and disappearance of MH370. I, for one, have been included in the category of people who spend all their extra hours skimming the latest headlines and news articles on the search and recovery efforts. Facebook posts have been written, twitter timeline updated, and countless of discussion and conversations with others, but still, so far, nil results.

It has taken my breath away several times, the significance and messages that this lost plane has been giving me. Who now remains the same? It could have been any of us on that plane, especially frequent business travellers like me.

Each day, my regular and routine actions now mean something more. Each time I wake up, I think of how those passengers must have felt had they known in advance (of the crash) that they were not going to survive. How much would they have wanted to be able to survive and wake up to another day?

Each time I pray, I do so with gratitude, thinking how much each passenger on that plane would have wanted to pray more had they known that the flight was not going to land and they were not going to be able to walk out of that plane.

Each laughter and smile with my son, my husband, our famillies… Each hug, kiss, and ruffle on the hair means more now. It’s like a renewal of faith and life, because thankfully we were all spared from being on that plane.

To this day, the plane has not been found. Yet another reminder of how big and massive this temporary world Allah has created is, and how small and weak we are in comparison. Subhanallah.

To all those who were on the plane, we salute you, and to the famillies left behind, we grieve with you.

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