What have I learned in 2013?


My weekend mornings are usually kicked off when my 7-year old son bounces into my bed for a cuddle at around 7am, his usual weekday body call time. This morning when he did so I woke up with a start, realising that I had just been dreaming of something. Something that felt like.. an experience, a lecture perhaps. Somehow the gist of it was something that I remembered more than the dream itself: What experiences or key take-aways have I had in my life so far?

Since covering “life” itself would be too uphill a task, I decided to just focus on the last one year: 2013, in magazine-interview, Q&A style.

What I learned about:

1. Relationships: That it takes more energy to summon the will power to work on it rather than the actual work itself. Have you heard the saying “Love is a verb, rather than a noun”? Obviously this is most relatable in a marriage or a romantic relationship, but this also holds true for a relationship between a parent and child and between siblings, for instance. LOVE someone in terms of actions, regardless of how you feel at the time. Love as a NOUN will soon arise (given correct implementation of the verb).

2. People: That they can be as nasty and self-centered as they come, but also delightfully selfless and caring. God lets you meet some truly amazing people in your lifetime and when you do, don’t let them go.

3. Work: I finally came clean about what I DON’T like to do at work: investment and financial modelling, the very thing I had been doing since I started work 12 years ago. What I like: Outside meetings, workdays chopped into sessions, discussions on strategy or direction of the company, meeting people from other companies, learning about their business, offering solutions that would make them better. What I need: Good teammates and bosses who lift you up and support you without any agenda.

4. Health: Healthy eating and lifestyle can be done in itsy-bitsy steps, like halving the sugar content in cakes when baking, big breaths in fresh air, 15 minute workouts on the Xbox, dancing to beats even when you’re on your own, making sure there’s always green on your plate.

5. Myself: I am awesome and no one should take that away from me, even my better half when he’s irritable or a disgruntled boss who hasn’t taken a liking to me for whatever reason. If there’s anyone I should practise love on (see learning no.1 above), it’s myself.

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