Mid-life happiness birthday post

I turned 35 yesterday, Alhamdulillah. Yay me!

Picture credit: http://www.thepetitcadeau.com/2013/01/35th-birthday-countdown.html

I don’t know about how other people feel about turning 35, but I seriously feel grateful and happy to be getting older. We hear so many things happening to all kinds of great people around the world everyday, so I don’t agree when people moan about age – like, would you rather the alternative?!

I feel blessed and I know I am blessed. Even simply by the virtue of being alive, having all my senses, eyes, ears, fingers and toes et all I do feel very grateful to Allah swt. Not to mention having a beautiful family, two loving extended families, a great job with a fantastic team, a (rented) house, good education and travel experiences.

Now (drumroll) looking on to the years ahead! I hope and pray I will be blessed with another great 35 years in this temporary world, in order to maximise my mission and vision in life. I feel like we 35 year olds shouldn’t be having a mid life crisis, in fact, this is the start of our 2nd half of our lives (I don’t think that many people want to live longer than 70-80) which we should strive with our whole being to make EVEN.MORE.AWESOME.

And if we fall short of that target, may God forgive us and bless us for the time we had, and hope that it’s enough to secure our place in Jannah. Amin.

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