Updates on Year of Fun

After my failed IVF and FET, I vowed to stop thinking about my fertility issues and move on to make this year a Year of Fun. Now that it’s October, I’m wondering (a) where did the time go; and (b) have i really been having fun? Here’s the report card so far:

1. We went to New York! Again!!

In late June, we went to US for a simliar trip that I went to last year, this time with my boys – my darling husband (DH) and dear son (DS). We first went to Charlottesville, Virginia for work – where DH and DS spent a lot of quality time together hanging out and driving around in Bear Country. We then went to our favourite city in the world, NYC. Some pics here for you to enjoy!

2. We threw the biggest birthday party for our son!

For the last couple of years DS’s birthday party has been small and contained within my Mom’s Eid open house, so this year we thought of throwing him a big bash. Despite hiccups from the caterer – resulting in some discomfort on our family’s part – sorry familia 😦 boo irresponsible caterers! – it was a huge party, loads of Umar’s friends came and he got more than enough Lego for the year. Most importantly, he had fun and was a very happy bunny.

Now work has been biting, but hopefully in a couple of months we can have another long-awaited vacation. Am trying to go away with BFF Yani/HM to Club Med in Cherating this year so we’ll see how that goes. Although it looks like I most probably won’t be climbing Mount Kinabalu by year end as I’d wanted… 

Year of Fun, it’s not too late to maximise you yet!

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