Leaping to find a net

“Leap and the net appears.” Wise words from John Burroughs indeed. I have been fortunate to experience a mini-version of this situation very recently, when for only the second time in my life, I got the opportunity to leave my cushy corporate job on the parent level and take up a post in an operating company at a subsidiary level.

The first was when I miraculously got the post in the Melbourne subsidiary of the HQ to join my husband who was doing his MBA (which then inspired this blog) and the second is this current opportunity to leave investments department at my company to join a subsidiary that focuses on investment promotion instead.

OK, so it may not be as full-on as leaving the corporate world to an entrepreneurial one (something which I still dream of doing someday – doesn’t everyone?) but trust me when I say plenty of colleagues in the parent company would recoil in shock and fear if offered such a situation.

It is very scary to leave a comfortable office position with the best benefits and full branding of the corporate parent and into an unknown operating company. A lot of people would probably decline as they would prefer to be sitting at a desk under a big corporate brand.

My decisions, as in the previous case, have usually been based on personal reasons. The first was to enable me to work in Melbourne, and now it is to allow me to leave finance & investment world and learn new skills in business development, sales and marketing.

This is not a random decision. It has been thought out through the last year or so, with me plunging into many personality tests, books and readings to try to figure out my next career decision.

I’m confident that I know myself pretty well now to know that I will be happy in an environment where I’m constantly out and about, meeting people and helping to find solutions rather than cooped up in an office in front of a laptop reviewing financial models.

I know that good teamwork and honest leadership from someone who believes in me is more important than plain salary and bonus counts. I believe above a certain salary, financial matters less and job satisfaction and happiness are more pressing issues – certainly to me.

Insya Allah, this new opportunity will allow me to better myself, in my career and also for personal satisfaction and provision of support to my family as well.

My advice to anyone considering a career change? Don’t deny those nagging thoughts, do your research and talk to the people you respect. Leap – and the net will appear.

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  1. Niza,

    Hi there! Happy to hear u getting this amazing opportunity. Eh nak tanya what kind of personality tests did u do to figure out your career tu eh? any website ke apa? teringin nak buat jugak

    – Kawan Tini

    • Hi Lin! I did the Strengthfinder test (which was mandated by my big boss – you have to purchase the book to do it), Myers-Briggs test and a right/left brain test online. I also did What Colour Is Your Parachute? which is a famous job-hunting book. Try googling to find out more.

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