5 Years From Now

I had to renew my driving license recently. It had already expired for a month and I only managed to strike it off my to-do list after hearing a friend’s story on how she had to undergo driving classes (manual cars only, remember?) after her license had expired for a few years.

health care reform timeline 2018.jpg (500×380)

The last time I renewed it was in May 2010 when I was already working in Melbourne, but returned to KL enroute to a business trip in Jakarta. At the time I didn’t have enough cash so I chose the 3-year option, hence the May 2013 expiry.

This time, I chose the maximum 5-year option. When I saw the figure ‘2018’ on the license it froze me temporarily to a spot. What would be my life like in 2018? It seems so far away, and yet I know how fast the past 5 years have been. It feels like it was only yesterday when I first cradled my baby boy in my arms; and now he is in Standard 1 of primary school and telling me about how Ben 10 can turn into Ultimate Swampfire, Big Chill and the like.

In 5 years’ time, I’ll be 39 going on 40 (my birthday is at the end of the year so I refuse to acknowledge turning a year older until my official birthday). Where will I be working? (WILL i still be working?) Will I be blessed with a second (or third) child by then? Will Umar be doing well school, overcoming his autistic diagnosis (he was recently diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Non Otherwise Specified, which sounds to me like mild autism in a Dan Lain-Lain category)? Will DH and I still be together and happily married? Will I still be thin? Will we have our own house now (we are renting)? Will i be happy?

Pondering about these questions will just set me off into a land of no return, so I just stopped and slipped my newly minted, fresh off the shelf driving license into my purse. After all, you know what they say – yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift – that’s why they call it present.

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  1. Hey girl! Nice post. I forgot to renew my driving license two years ago and nasib baik still valid (apparently if I was a few months Iater, kena take the test again!)
    I wonder how life would be too in five years’ time. Tasha will be in high school (gosh, hope she doesn’t hate us yet, y’know, teenage angst).. Rayyan will start Primary 1 -dunno whether to send him to TTDI as well or some Islamic or Chinese school. Hopefully I’m still thin (haha, ni I perasan I your post) and fit to move about actively. I pray to Allah that I’m still happily married and career wise, well, as long as I still enjoy what I’m doing, that’s good enough :).. And us? Still BFFs, of course!

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