A Year of Fun!

OK this is way too late for a New Year resolution, but I’m gonna do it anyway. I’m sick of starring in a semi-sad, semi-ridiculously busy TV show of my own life starring myself helplessly complaining about things beyond my control (see whiny posts herehere and here). And yes, I do often get temporarily inspired by something, make new vows / promises i don’t keep and end up not following through, but you never know when something sticks (literally sometimes) so will end up vowing to do this one anyway.

I”m going to have the remaining 2013 as a Year of Fun!

One of my idols in life, Giuliana and Bill Rancic, did this after her battle with IVF, miscarriage and breast cancer. They are my idols because (a) they are the super cutest and most romantic couple ever and (b) they are always having fun and are upbeat about everything in life no matter what.

Anyway, back to my Year of Fun. I vow to make career and TTC a side objective from now on, and focus on goals and activities this year which would make me, DH and DS have a LOT of fun. So here’s my plan:

1. Small reasonable target activities

  • Weekends should be Fun Days Out with our beloved son Umar. After reading this inspiring blog I’m convinced we still have a lot of unexplored places to go in KL. Today after his karate class, we’re going to go to the Science Museum, just like what we used to do when we were in Melbourne. We also haven’t brought him to the Planetarium, Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum, archery and FRIM. 
  • My friends Nadiah and Najmin are running Ar-Raudhah, where we can take our son Umar to experience horse riding and farming life one of these days. (So proud of them!)
  • More importantly, I should blog about these activities more often!

2. Big goals

  • By the end of this year, DH and i plan to go CLIMB MOUNT KINABALU! Inspired by our sister Lina who has climbed up major hills in Klang Valley in preparation for her Mount Kinabalu climb this weekend, I feel like this major goal is something that can bring DH and I closer. It’s gonna be amazing.
  • Now that my fertility treatments have failed (oh yeah, my IVF and FET – frozen embryo transfer – both failed in a span of 6 months. But we move on) we can start planning for our US trip in June. This year, DH and DS will come with me. DH wants to go to North Carolina because of his obsession with Nicholas Sparks movies (which in theory should make him a more romantic husband, but in reality… ermm.. not so much. A girl can hope i guess).

Reading blogs on bohemian, blogging-while-travelling families like this is so super inspiring. I feel like quitting my job, saying goodbye to the rat race and kidnapping Umar for a gap year backpacking around the world (bye Dear Hubby, see you next year! Or even better, you can come too…) Sigh – again, a girl can dream. I guess small, manageable steps are better in the meantime.

Hope this Year of Fun sticks!

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