My ideal life

I bought an iPad. Aren’t they the coolest thing? I’m supposed to say it’s mostly for work but I know this isn’t particularly true. I’ve downloaded top apps, bought subscriptions to my favorite magazines (at a fraction of the retail price) and I’m now updating my blog on it. Happiness sealed in a tablet – easy.

Anyway, one of the articles I’m reading on my freshly pressed digital O Mag is on mapping your journey through life, starting from drawing an ethereal island representing one’s ideal life. All gobbledygook, you say? I’m gonna give it shot by first imagining it in this post.

My ideal dream life will centre around a beautiful home (which helps massively if I have a Pinterest-standard house). This will come complete with a plush living room filled with comfy sofas, a wooden coffee table and a an activities corner for the kids, a solid oak dining table, and a kitchen with an island filled with cheerful accents and delicious smells from home-cooked food.

I will be a successful working mother either in a highly flexible job or a home-based business, able to juggle doing house chores and cooking hubby and kids’ favorite recipes (downloadable from my iPad, naturally) throughout the week. I will either have a helper or have a cleaner come in for heavy duty cleaning work a couple of times a week. Hubby will be a successful CEO in a firm he’s happy in, coming home for dinners and taking us abroad on work trips once in a while.

My iPad will have the family’s schedule filled with dates, events, sports games, and bigger family get-togethers such as my wonderful MOKA family unit (name coined from a combination of our grandparents’ names). Weekends will be spent catching up with famillies from both sides, visits, nights out and movie dates. Saturdays will be spent with my mom, sisters and nephews and nieces, either at home or out and about in a park or urban cafe.

I will recycle and actually know how to compost. My family will contribute regularly to charities and conduct visits to orphanages. Friends will be less in number but higher in quantity, with my best friend living nearby and catch-ups occurring regularly over Devonshire tea and jam-spread scones. My best friend and I will take annual family holidays to the islands and have girls outings once in a while.

I will actually work out and have regular dance classes with a group of friends, yet also regularly attend Thursday night Yassin and solat hajat in the local mosque. Maybe once in a while I’ll do yoga although I don’t think even in my dream life I’ll be an avid yogi (but then again you never know). Hubby and kids will all also be healthy, fit and happy, with laughers and smiles flashed around the house multiple times in a day. We will live a long and happy life.

When do I foresee this happening? There are days when I feel like this vision is like a glasshouse, mocking me and daring to crumble and crush me under it. Yet there are also days when I look at my son, husband, family and family in law and feel like I’m already one of the most blessed persons on earth. Perhaps, just like most things in life, even this vision may change in some aspects as I grow older and make adjustments. And as always, this is just my own plan, concocted from my own perspective as a weak and flawed human being. As they say, “and Allah knows best.”

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  1. I love the part where we live nearby and catch-up regularly over Devonsire tea and jam-spread scones. Also hoping that we can realize the annual family holidays to the islands and have” girls outings!
    Sigh.. Jom start next year?

    • Tula pasal! Although it doesn’t look like we will be living in the same area but u never know right? It was really nice back in Melbourne when we stayed close to friends and could go over to each other’s houses and hung out. Wish we can do that coz daily life is so hectic!
      As for annual holiday, jommmm… Ready when you are. Perhaps we can start somewhere nearby, like PD?

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