When it’s time to go

One of the truly amazing miracles of life is how each person was even conceived and born in the first place. There’s the usual sperm meets egg scenario, then the cells start to divide and multiply as if guided by some miraculous force (which it of course is), and a zygote is created and implanted in the uterus wall. This grows into a fetus,  a full term baby, and finally he or she is born into the real world, hopefully into the arms of a loving family. No one can cause this process to happen when or where they want to; it happens according to God’s will. And just as God determines the time we are all born into this world, He will determine when we all go.

I spent some time with my hubby’s grandmother this evening, at the hospital where she’s been warded since last weekend due to pneumonia and having water in the lungs. I lost both my grandparents before I turned 23, and hubby’s grandfather passed away in our second year of marriage, so she’s one of the few grandparents we both have left (a big part of a happy marriage to me is when your spouse’s family is also your family).

I look at the lines on her face, her hands, fingers, neck and feet, and I think about what a long path she’s had in life. Almost turning 83, mother of 8, grandmother of – I don’t know the actual number, perhaps 40 kids – and great-grandmother to about 10 more kids (one of whom is mine) – she’s definitely had a long and full life. It’s something a lot of us would be envious of – including me.

I also felt touched by how fragile life as we know it actually is. We keep hearing it again and again – that this life we have is not really ours, and not even our ‘right’ to have, but is actually a borrowed one that is lent to us for a certain period of time.  But until we are really lying on that deathbed, old and weak, we will never truly know how true this is. And at that time, I hope to God that I am surrounded by loved ones, family and friends, if not in physical presence, then in spirit. You want to have truly lived and loved in order to die. And when it’s time for each and everyone of us to go, then it’s time to go – nothing or no one in the world can stop it from happening.

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