Whiling away the hours: My favorite YouTube videos

What’s your favorite way to while away the hours on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? For me, I love to watch YouTube videos of my favorite shows and video clips (did you know you can practically sing any song you want on karaoke on it these days? Saves a trip to the downtown karaoke centre.) Since I don’t have anything to moan or complain about today, I’ve decided to share with you some of my top YouTube videos of all time.

1. Charlie bit me

This has to be the cutest video ever. My sisters and I like to mimic the elder brother’s intonation and adorable British accent – “Charlie bit me! Ouch!” Too.Cute!

2. Jesse Campbell vs. Anthony Evans – Battle Rounds The Voice 2

This has got to be the best battle duets ever seen in the history of television. I get goosebumps all over even though I’ve watched this hundreds of times! Christina, you are a dumbass for sending Jesse home. Like, don’t you even want to win?! Really, there are no words.

3. Stand up comic Hannibal Buress

I watched this when I was in Melbourne last year. He was performing as part of the 2011 Melbourne Comedy Festival gala night and I thought he was easily the most hilarious of them all. I wanted to go watch him in person but timing schedules did not work out for my and my work mates, so we ended up watching Mark Watson, who was also equally hilarious (although a little loud). Pics of our trip were as posted here.

4. Cover of Born This Way by Maria Aragorn

This little girl is so talented and I think she was only like, 9, at this time. (I don’t even like this song, so this shows how amazing she is to make me actually like this video). Since her covers on YouTube became popular, she has gone on to bigger things and made appearances with other singers such as Gaga herself and on the Ellen Degeneres show. My sister and I think our niece Marsya could do a YouTube cover like this as she’s just as good, but no, she has to spoil it all by being too shy. (Boo.)

5. Ellen Degeneres show

Speaking of Ellen, once I get to her YouTube channel, i always end up surfing through wayyy more videos that i originally planned. I’m no LGBT rights fighter, but I seriously love Ellen and how great she is with interviewing the celebrities and making them look so comfortable and down-to-earth.

6. My son’s videos

In his early years, my husband and I were working and living apart from each other. Due to the distance, he desperately missed our only son and created two really adorable video clips about him. The first one was when he was around a year old, and the second was when he was about 2 and featured scenes from a trip to New York that we had (although I’ve discovered this one has been annoyingly blocked – why? why?!). Makes me smile every single time i watch them.

7. Fousey Tube’s videos

I came across this guy through a hijab fashion blog that I follow. It’s interesting to know how Middle Eastern families are like and realize how they are so similar to the local Malay families’ conservative culture. This guy is, again, so funny (I’ll bet you can notice a trend of the genres of videos that I like) i reckon he should be on television. Stat.

8. Hijabi fashion tutorials

Speaking of hijabis and being a modern hijabi myself. I like to watch hijab tutorials to get ideas on how to cover up but yet wear scarves stylishly to cover your hair. Right now my style is more relaxed and rebellious as it shows the neck, but when I’m ready to fully cover it I’m going to follow Yaz the Spaz’s style here which is my favorite. I think it’s great that girls are growing more confident and asserting their personalities in the face of the modern world, trying to find balance between succeeding in life yet remaining as Allah’s humble slaves.

9. Makeup tutorials

Although I’m actually not a big makeup and fashion girlie’s girl, I do like to watch beauty and try to learn how to recreate it for myself (whenever i get bothered enough, like if I was attending a dinner function or something) so hail the YouTube makeup tutorial queen Michelle Phan. I learnt a lot from watching her particularly when I was in Melbourne – if i’m home in KL, i normally get my sister to do my make up for me. Heh heh.

10. Fashion tutorials

Again, although my daily fashionista style is almost zilch, I do like to read women’s magazines and surf basic fashion information. I’m not interested and bothered in trends, so my learning curve is limited to just basic and classic pieces. A good video i’ve seen is this one by Chriselle Lim where she shows how to make 14 different looks from just 7 basic pieces. Since I wear a scarf and cover my hair daily, I can’t really implement everything I see in these sites and magazines, but I still like to watch anyway. Maybe when i’m a 100% domestic goddess i can try dress up like this at home for hubby (yeah… right :P).

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  1. Hehehe.. I’m a YouTube junkie too! Let’s see, I also love watching videos #1, #2, russel peter’s, covers by esmee denters, live performances by jason mraz & adele, hijabi tutorials (hana tajima) and makeup tutorials (michelle phan,makeupbyeman among others) 🙂

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