Be careful what you ask for

If you had nothing else to do on this glorious, sunny, shiny, happy Sunday morning, I would invite you to compare my posts in this last 1 year and divide them into two – Melbourne work life and KL work life (hey, why not.) You would see a few underlying differences, such as the reduction in frequency arising from the latter; as well as a lack of more wistful dreaming type of posts.

The simple explanation for this is simply that KL work life is much tougher on a person. Unless you’re working in the government (or a company with an almost-government culture) or in a laid-back family business like my family’s (which I have been the only one so far to abstain from joining) and you can literally live the 9-to-5 schedule, the rest of us in the private sector have to work longer hours, and harder – meaning there’s no time for petty gossip talks, trips to the bank, etc.

Ironically, this is actually something i’ve always wanted all along – to work in a fully professional corporate setting, and with a more ‘realistic’ workforce – i.e. multiple races, and even multi-national at that. So now in my new job (still new since I’ve only started 4 months ago) I completely and utterly got what I asked for. And i am very proud to be associated with the professionalism and hard-working culture of this organization. But as with everything, there are pros and cons.

Primarily, the only con is the loss of free time. There are days that I’m working so hard, I have no time to go down for a complete meal during lunch and have to settle with tapau-ing and eating at my desk. One day this last week, I was completely bogged down with work and meetings that I realized at the end of the day (at almost 10pm) that I had not eaten any meals that day after breakfast. I have been taking my dinner at 11.30pm this last 1 week, after driving home for even longer that is necessarily so at that hour  (damn KL jams).

Hence you will see the impact on my blogging. Whereas in Melbourne, I could blog every day, now I blog every 2 weeks, at best. Before I had wider, more ranging ideas and topics to talk about. Now I have to keep resorting to ‘reporting’ to you what happened in my day or something that I thought of, as I have less time to daydream and fantasize like before. I know, I know, this is a good problem, and in twitter world, a #firstworldproblem, and like I said before, I asked for this. So I’m actually OK with this at the moment, especially as I know I’m learning by the buckets. And that’s the most important thing to come out from work.

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  1. Well, it does take a toll at first, u will get the hang of it, and rock at it.

    and u will find that writing your blog does keep you sane at times. It’s kinda a sanctuary that you really needed, even though it meant reporting about your day. It’s your me time..(“,)

    It is almost end of 2011, now I do wonder about my journey.. keep on writing.

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