When it all feels so helpless

After staying up after sahur today to write a post, I thought i was done for the week. But a glance on The Sun paper on my way to work this morning brought about a long-repressed heave of frustration and anger. MORE acid attacks, on two separate men, this month – one a robbery (a tragic scam where they puncture your tyre, splash acid on you when you get out to check, and rob off your belongings); the other a revenge attack after a car accident. Like, who are these people who are carrying out vicious acid splash attacks? And for WHAT? A few thousand bucks (for selling off a laptop) and then, on to the next attack? What happens to the people who are permanently disfigured, who can’t turn back the clock?

Newspaper headlines can be so depressing, i remember a schoolmate saying she doesn’t even bother to read it anymore because it makes her feel so helpless. That’s probably an extreme, but i do agree – with all the sad news of drought/famine in Somalia, war (civil/political/what have you) in Libya/Syria and the likes, riots in London (less fatal but still illustrates social class issues.. and that poor Ashraf Haziq), not to mention ongoing political madness in Palestine.. it makes me feel very very.. helpless and powerless at the sheer frustration of it all.

If i were not a Muslim, I’m sure i’ll be questioning: Why does God allow these things to happen? If He were just and fair, wouldn’t he disallow cruelty, poverty and hunger? To anyone wondering the same thing, I can just direct you to the story of student vs atheist professor, which is a pretty good story (author unknown). Wallahu’alam.

I’m gonna try and do something about this (because I just talked about taking action in my previous post, so I..err, have to practise what I preach). As soon as I get my salary this month, I’ll be looking to donate monthly to some projects. My friend Durra is involved with Rumah Aman orphanage , the singer Yuna has been promoting Islamic Aid which currently has the projects Ramadan Appeal and Africa Food Crisis, and I’ll be continuing my contributions (albeit small) to the amazing Mercy Malaysia and WWF. This will be my tiny, tiny effort to try and help.. and to try feel less helpless and powerless.

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