Life’s little miracles

Remember when I wrote about my “Ah-ha” moment, when I knew God was listening to me? Well, I had another one of those moments again. But first, let me explain.

Lately I have been receiving a lot of blessings from God (Alhamdulillah). Although our plan to stay longer in Melbourne didn’t turn out as planned, and my job there ended, another job opened here in KL which provided me with a pretty attractive offer.

Although I have not yet been blessed with another baby, my son has continued to grow healthily and has happily settled in at his old school (albeit some off days where it seems as if he’s almost chanting “I don’t want to go to school”).

Although DH and I were pretty stressed out over the premature move back home, in the end we got 2 fantastic months off together, including 2 weeks’ holiday traveling around Australia with my family and a spa getaway to PD.

And in my first few days at the new office, I have been blessed with the sector focus that I asked for and with a great team, complete with one of the best bosses (I’ve only talked to him once but so far he’s great). So it follows that lately I’ve been wondering how long will it last and when will the first ‘break point’ come.

Today seemed a likely candidate. I was sleepy and tired although at work nothing bad happened. In the evening, I tried to take the commuter train to my in laws’ in Bangi, where my two boys had gone earlier for breaking fast. Unfortunately, the train never came and by the time it did, the tired crowd jostled and shoved so hard to get in, I thought I was in India. Needless to say I gave up, called DH and told him I was going back to my own house in PJ via LRT (if not I would have to eat at KL Sentral station, alone) and he agreed.

Exhausted and hungry, I arrived at LRT station in PJ to see a long queue for the taxi. As the Azan (call to prayer) broke out, I left the queue and went to the sole food stall to buy something I could nibble on to break my fast. On the way there I saw a group of 3 blind people walking together (even stepping into puddles) and, feeling the heat of taxis nearby, opened each cab door, hoping to catch a ride. Being blind, they did not know that each taxi was occupied and that the queue was situated at the end of the pavement. Each cab subsequently turned them down.

I couldn’t bear it, and as I realized that it was my duty to help them, I went over to the man who seemed to be leading the other two, tapped his shoulder and told him what was the situation. They agreed to let me show them the way and so I led them (steering clear of the puddles) to the queue. Very kindly, the people ahead gave way and let them take the next cab. I resumed my way to the food stall only to discover that all the food was sold out.

I rejoined the queue, still tired and with a rumbling stomach, but I realized that my thoughts were still with the blind people earlier. I realized how lucky I am and how I’ve been blessed (together with my family) with good senses and health. I remember how the only lady among them talked to me cheerfully about how they were going to go eat at a Tom Yam buffet, despite her blindness and the fact that she had earlier stepped into a puddle. My eyes watered as I marveled at their strength and courage.

Suddenly, a taxi drove up on the other side of the pavement, with the driver sticking his head out of the window and called, seemingly, to me. He asked where I was headed and upon hearing my answer, told me to get in, despite the fact that he had 2 other passengers. As I gratefully did so I heard him saying “u mau buka puasa mah” (I know you have to break fast). My eyes watered again as I realized that this is indeed another blessing Allah swt has given to me today. A reminder of what I have, and a hidden reward of further blessing if I do the right thing.

May Allah grant me the strength to always see his blessings and miracles (even if they seem far from me at the time), the courage to always do the right thing (even when I reach the scary ‘break point’) and the wisdom to keep having faith in Him, because He knows best.

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