Fasting month is here again

Ah, fasting month is almost here. And the dead giveaway is that familiar, headache-impounding, calendar-counting, race/countdown to complete the Puasa Ganti (replacement fasts) in time before it starts. And always, always, I fail to plan properly and run out of weekdays (who wants to replace their fasts on weekends??) and state-of-purity days (i.e. not on a period) to finish.

Today I decided to fast, because although I know I’m running out of time, I know I’m perfectly capable of performing them this week as it’s my last week of unemployment. Yes, next Monday I start my new job at the infamous Twin Towers. I do have butterflies in my stomach (I always do, whenever I’m starting something new) but right now I don’t even wanna think about it. I want to enjoy my carefree hours. Like today.

With my new room already made-over (does anyone want to see pictures?) and most of the items on my to-do list dwindling down, I had nothing much to do today. Since I didn’t get up for sahur (due to sleeping past midnight due to the fantastic MTV WorldStage concert last night), I feel pretty weak today and disinterested in doing anything other than sleep, lie around, read old magazines and surf for a romantic spa getaway/work clothes (yes I need both).

In fact, since coming back from Australia, DH and I have been having a really good time, Alhamdulillah. The concert last night, karaoke ventures out with friends and family, paying for things with our Australian bank card (the A$ has a fantastic rate going on), waking up late everyday and sending our son/picking him up from kindergarten, driving around town looking for the best food that we’ve missed the most… Ah, it’s practically the end of an era.

I’m gonna try my best to plan out this week to maximise my ‘total consumer surplus’ as my MBA-ed up DH likes to quote it. If I can complete my to-do list (although just like any other working mom, I have a never-ending list), plan a getaway with DH, shop for new work clothes (i’m in a higher position and may need to wear more work suits), continue my tawaf for the best food in town, yet still manage to fast at least 2 days (today and Thursday), I think I would have done a very good job.

Wishing all my dear readers a happy and blessed Ramadhan. Even if you’re not a Muslim, try fasting for a day – hopefully it will make all of us become better people inside and out.


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      • It is never ending but I now I am looking at them from different perspectives. Sighing too much is never good… keep posting, I do enjoy reading them… hugs n kisses Omar. (“,)

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