How about just being nice

Garage sale has been done (actually garage give-away since everything was free), paint guys coming tomorrow and everything is on track for new wardrobe and bed to come on Thursday.

However, about ten minutes ago, I received a call from the furniture store where, instead of sounding warm and grateful to me as a client, the lady instead barked “kalau hantar hari ni boleh tak?”

And a good morning to you too, I’m always happy to receive wonderful customer service, I thought. Instead i said, “no, you can’t send it today.”

“Why? What time are you free?” She demanded further.
“Um, not at any time. Because we agreed on Thursday, remember?”
“But why can’t we send it today?” NOW she’s sounding like a spoiled brat. Who is annoyingly repetitive.
“Because the paint guys are coming tomorrow and there’s no one to dismantle the bed,” I explained patiently.

Without covering her phone she barked to someone else in the background that this customer just won’t do today, and later came back and said “OK la we just come on Thursday then.”

Umm, yes. That’s a good idea.

Which brings me to a little thought. If you wanna be happy, how about just being plain nice to people? It’s not the most difficult thing in the world, and it may even bring some happiness back to you. So at least you won’t sound like you rolled out of the wrong side of bed or haven’t had some in 10 years.

Ok that wasn’t very nice. And she wasn’t that bad. Just thought it would make a relevant topic since it’s our 8th anniversary today and being nice is kind of Really Important in a marriage.

Note to self for today’s entry into my Gratitude Journal: 8 years’ happy marriage (and so far not a single plate-throwing incident), healthy son who’s happily going to school, nice hubby, nice family, and nice customer service in Malaysia. Ok, lied about the last one.

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  1. May Allah bless you, and your family fill with happiness and prosperity for many more years to come. Amin.

    And just a simple quote “Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are” (Anonymous)

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