Makeover mania

Now that we are back, we need to settle down by moving into both of our families’ homes. You see, at the moment we are house-less (though not homeless Alhamdulillah), car-less (we use my mom’s old car to get around) and job-less (although I’ve accepted a job offer and start in Ramadan).

Since most of the time we will be in one particular family house, I’ve been toying with the idea of a makeover for my bedroom. I would love a calm, serene yet happy bedroom to rest in after I work – don’t we all?

Over the years I’ve made plenty of excuses – hubby was away, lack of funds and/or time. Now we’re all here and at the moment we have both time and money (swipe, swipe, swipe goes the credit card). If not now, when?

So I’m embarking on the makeover project. To kick it all off I’m holding a garage sale (actually a giveaway since everything will be free) this Saturday and have announced it through FB and Twitter. I wanted to do it last Sat but, well, we all know the whole nation was a wee bit preoccupied last week.

Next, I’ll be repainting the walls to give it a fresh new look (well it won’t be me, it’ll be some contract workers – if I did it myself I would probably give up.) I’ve also bought a new wardrobe and bed to expand my storage solutions (cue said swiping action).

Why am I doing this even though it will be exhausting and costly? Because I know it will all be worth it. And since I don’t have my own house, at least I can design the bedroom and make it a sanctuary for both me and DH.

I’ll upload the before and after pics for you guys to see if I’ve done a good job. (why do I like to give high standards to myself and put unnecessary pressure? Such a sucker for punishment!)

So please excuse me for not having more observant or thoughtful topics in this next few posts. At the moment, it’s all makeover mania for me. Wish me luck!

Categories: Motherhood

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