Back for good

We’re now back home. For good. Even though our adventure in Oz land was a bit shorter than what we had originally planned, we always knew that 1.5 years is our likely time period as that is the extent of our visa.

Having a great time so far with family members and friends. Since arriving last week we’ve been going out a lot, including a trip back to my grandparents’ village in Negeri Sembilan.

We visited our late grandparents’ graves to say a prayer and do a little bit of upkeep in preparation of the coming Eid. As I sat next to my grandma’s headstone I pondered on how little a person she used to be in size, but how strong and lovable she was in character.

By the time we left, the graves were clean and scattered with colorful cut flowers and leaves. And I took a picture of it, as I thought it was such a beautiful thing.


Being loved an lost is definitely better than having not loved at all.

Categories: Family, Travel

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  1. Hie..It’s been quite sometimes I read your blog. It is a surprise to know that your grandfather’s hometown is in Negeri Sembilan. My kampung is also, it is in Kuala Pilah. Anyway, welcome back.

    • Both my grandparents are from there. My mom in law too. Thanks for always reading n commenting.
      Would like to write more but still tired and busy with errands and to-dos.

    • Hey, sorry, just look for me at But if you read it, this week my life was fill with emotional turmoil… sorry, I forget to update u. Anyway, have fun decorating and make over your room, and I guess you have make over your blog first. Cool! keep in touch.

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