Picking and choosing your own rezeki? Nope, can’t do that

I received some good news today, Alhamdulillah. No, unfortunately it’s not that good news, but it’s something else.  Which prompted a person close to me to say “Maybe your rezeki is not in the baby front at the mo, but in another area of your life.”

This made me think, can we pick and choose the rezeki (good fortune) that we prefer? I guess the only answer is no, absolutely not. If we could, then we would all design our lives around the things we would most love to have and conveniently omit the ones we hate most. And unfortunately this is not how God intended us to live.

It is only God that infinitely knows why He chooses such and such outcomes for us, and for us to try and understand that – well, we have to realise that it is indeed an insurmountable task. Our brains are so limited in capacity and intellect, like a drop of water in the ocean.

Some people may realise that I touch on a lot of religious topics or thoughts in my blog. The reason is that I need to be reminded of these on a regular basis, and so I write them mostly for me. If they help even one extra person out there, I hope it channels back to me in the form of positive energy, pahala and success.

I am currently at an important crossroads in my life. Where to go next, which decision to make, which team to join, which mission to uphold, which ‘project’ to focus on (DH often jokes, mostly seriously, about how i always need to have a pet project from time to time – and he’s right). The decision is in my hands, but so many factors and consequences permeating from it are not.

If I choose A, what if it results in X and Y? If I choose B, what if it results in Z and W? If only i can design that exact formula of choosing A = Y and Z happens = where Y and Z are variables for an area of my life that I would be most over-the-moon and consistently happy with for life.

If only if it were that easy. Well, like they say, Allah knows best.

Categories: Spirituality, TTC

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