Taking it to the next level

Alhamdulillah my husband passed his MBA today. This officially marks the beginning of the end (?) of this stage of our lives in which we have been living and working (him studying) abroad with our son for the last 1 and a half years.

It hasn’t been an easy period. First he had to wade through the MBA application process which was quite difficult, what with the GMAT exam and essays (even his colleagues had to pitch in and write one).

When he got into his target school, MBS, we had to work out the funding. A lack of interest from sponsors didn’t stop his determination. We ended up having to sell our house and car, withdrew our savings (including ‘borrowing’ our son’s education fund) and using hard-earned bonuses to pay for the program.

We then had to make a decision whether Umar and I should join him in Australia. I had just started at UT for a few months, but stuck my neck out asking for a transfer to a subsidiary which luckily was located in Melbourne. Alhamdulillah and due to the rezeki bestowed by God, I got it, so we all moved.

It’s early days, but I think it has all been worth it. He is tremendously knowledgable on anything in finance and business these days (he challenges my understanding of finance all the time!) which will boost his performance at his next job.

Our son has improved his English and social skills significantly since attending childcare here and has made many friends. And Alhamdulillah I have had an excellent opportunity to work here with a team of colleagues that are like a family to me now.

We are now planning for the next stage of our lives together as a family. I think of it as taking what we have been blessed with and growing it to another level. We are both looking for satisfaction and a sense of contribution in our careers, dream of having an addition (or two) to the family, as well as building over our financial foundation.

For me personally, I would like to develop myself further by solidifying my place in the business world with new challenges and finding skills I don’t yet know I have. I’d like to have more children and spend more time with family members. I’d like to contribute to charities financially and physically. I’d like to pay more attention to my image (which has been neglected!) and have more fun with friends.

I’d like to travel more and perform Haj in the next few years together with hubby. Ideally, we can start implementing the practice of annual vacations – one with whole family, one with hubby only, and one with besties (Yani I’m looking at you!)

Insya Allah. I pray God will guide us all and continue to bless us with more rahmat and rezeki.

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  1. Amin…InsyaAllah, there will be “rezeki” for you and you family. 🙂

    I can’t wait to start my master and I hope my “rezeki” will be as such. Want to send my parents to perform the haj, or umrah.

    • Yes I pray you will achieve all those dreams and targets too. It’s good to have targets.. it makes us get out of bed in the morning! Insya Allah Naz, Amin.

  2. Congratulations to u both!! I know Hafeez worked hard for his MBA, but I also know u work equally hard to support him emotionally AND the family financially. So, kudos to the iron woman!
    Yep, you guys will definitely venture into a whole new adventure soon. All the best at that, though I’m sure you’d both do just fine 🙂
    I also agree on those last bits, about improving my image (hah, what image??) and traveling! After settling our debts, we’re gonna start saving for our next family holiday -to the US. I teringin gi balik sana.. Oh well, that’ll be in 2-3 years kot. As for our girlie hols, kita gi around asean pun ok 🙂

    • What image? Ha ha. Well I haven’t had a facial/massage/shopping trip for nearly 2 years and it’s not like i was pregnant or anything! And actually, i do also mean HEALTH la. Wayyyy little exercise and medical check up… I have no idea how i do in the BP/cholesterol/sugar content etc.
      Yes, saving for annual family holiday is a must! Quran pun mention we should travel to see the world – hey, I’m not arguing with that!

  3. I couldnt believe you sold your house and car! That is a real commitment and a really brave thing to do. Kudos to you guys. And i salut you for supporting your husband. Things will go well, you’ll see. When the intent is noble, everything else will fall into place.


    • Thanks Fad! He has really driven a lot of the changes in the last few years and I have supported that (especially since I’ve always dreamt of working overseas as well). Alhamdulillah it has ended well with him passing, so now hope we both move to better things as well.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, girl! Appreciate it.

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