Existence of God

Religion is an inherently complex and personal matter, as what lies in the thoughts and feelings of a person is only infinitely understood by his or herself only.

To some people, religion signifies beliefs, practices, actions or recitations. The first is the most fundamental and crucial concept relative to the others. Belief in God and prophet Muhammad, for instance, is the first pillar of being a Muslim (no use forgoing your vanity or tunggang terbalik completing prayers if this criteria is absent).

I am very grateful for being born into my faith as I wouldn’t have been able to guarantee that I would have been courageous enough to inquire about religions and convert by myself.

Thus I understand but (by definition of being a Muslim) cannot agree with those who disbelieve that there is a higher power above all living beings (and I don’t mean Voldemort).

Reading the Quran, for instance, I am struck by the detail of stories of all great prophets such as Musa, Isa and Ibrahim. Perhaps unknown to some, these are the same persons known to Christians and Jews to be Moses, Jesus and Abraham.

Coincidence of the names? Unlikely. Coincidence of the stories? Even more unlikely. If there are 6 billion people in the world and half (if not more) are followers of the 3 religions, is it not likely that the events (and thus persons) really did exist?

Take the story of Musa pbuh. The story narrated in the Quran verse of The Stories is pretty much the same as that shown in the movie adaptation. The mother floats him in the river, he grows up as Pharaoh’s son but in the end kills him when God divided the Red Sea.

Or Isa pbuh. The story of Maryam (Mary) and the immaculate inception needs no introduction to the world. Don’t forget Isa’s mukjizat (miracles) such as bringing the dead back alive and healing the diseased.

What are the odds that these events didn’t happen and have been just ‘glorified’ and ‘exaggerated’ over, oh, only thousands of years? Obviously I’m no expert but I’d say it is a statistically low probability. That’s all I’m saying, y’all.

And for those who doubt the existence of God or atheists, one day if you find yourself desperately in need of divine intervention, such as being in a really bad flight, see if the words “Oh my God” doesn’t come to your mind.

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  1. Thank you. But it is saddening to see people are politicizing religion. That is uncalled for.

    A quote I would like to share..

    “We have to be careful about trying to enshrine our beliefs, however religiously valid you may believe them to be”

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