I’ve been living and working in Melbourne since early 2010. Being abroad, you do tend to miss home and everything related to it, including the local entertainment scenes.

And in the age of the Internet, when nostalgia strikes, there’s nothing stopping you from clicking on Google and searching for any good local blogs (even though you find yourself unable to recognise about half of the people featured).

So I found myself being a follower of several local entertainment blogs lately. However, I keep getting irritated with some of the posts, especially those comments posted by other followers (in some cases, idiots). You know them. They tend to shout out the most ignorant, biased and un-researched remarks that are written primarily to make them feel better and bigger than others.

Why? Why do people do this? Why? Why? Can’t we just focus on the main issues – the relevant industry, news, facts, or macro conditions. Why zoom down to the tiniest, and usually negative, personal details?

To be fair, the blogs do carry news, but between those news bites, they also post a lot of ‘news’ about personal lives of the celebrities. If they are not dressing as per their expectations, an article will appear criticising the outfit (and the blogger is usually in no way qualified to be Fashion Police). If they appear at a birthday party of a friend and captured on camera surrounded by alcohol, out it goes on the blog, complete with red circles on the offending items. If a star drives a big car, out goes a complete article, with pictures of the car from all angles and a quote on the OTR price (they certainly can do research if they put their minds to it).

Where are the news on local singers making international appearances and shows? News on domestic movies, with quality articles covering the script and message? Interviews with actors with an explanation of their work, including their characters portrayal? Reviews of movies, TV shows, songs, with corresponding quality writings? Coverage of the local theatre and drama scene?

Where’s the coverage of the arts itself? All i see is gossip, criticism, dengki-mendengki. Sigh.

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  1. Can I just say that, mentality of some people only fouses on things as that, they look passed the value of entertainment has to offer. Because that doesn’t sell newspaper or increase rating. (Just my opinion)

    • Agreed. But if we look at the entertainment news coverage of the west, they are more neutral and arts-focused. For instance if they interview an actress on her latest movie she will be asked about her character and how she relates to the script, the message, etc. Less on the gossip part. Of course there are varying levels of reporting, u also have the lowly gossip columns which slag off people but it’s less.

      • As you said it is in the west. I do agree on that. But currently in Malaysia people are still getting used to value entertaiment as arts. It is still perceive as only entertainmet, content without substance. By time people will evolve and start to appreciate art as something that is of value.

  2. I am sorry for jumping in your blog just like that. I was blog hopping and landed on yours. I enjoy reading your perspective and point of views. (“,)

      • I do. Not that full of opinion and perspectives, just a simple blog. Still learning the trades of having a blog.

        Keep on writing…

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