My, how much we’ve grown

My best friend just gave birth to her second child yesterday, a healthy and kicking new boy. She texted me the minute she was in labour, and texted me again after she woke up after her emergency cesarean. I prayed while waiting that everything would turn out well, so Alhamdulillah! Much praise to God for all his blessings to us.

We have been best friends since we met as dorm mates at boarding school when we were 15 years old and 2 months (since we were both born at the end of the year, only 5 days apart). Being from the same city bonded us together from the start and we were close ever since (helped that I was sleeping above her bunk for the whole of the first year).

There used to be 3 of us, but now there’s only 2. We joke often how sad we are that we don’t have at least the minimum 4 girls required in most all-female groups (be it girl bands or TV casts like SITC) and moan about the fact that we don’t have enough of a life with girl friends like other people do.

Throughout most of my adult life, she has been there and heard it all. No judgements, no stern looks, no scoldings. With her, it’s all “Kita semua dah besar – pikir sendiri” rather than hand-holding.

She has taken time with no.2 because of her phd which took up most of her life in the last 3 years – even her blog is named after it! PhD, get it? – and I can only imagine the joy that she and her husband are feeling right now as they cuddle their newborn boy which will complete their family after having her 1st daughter 6 years ago.

I really pray that I will also follow her footsteps soon. In 2005 when she got pregnant, I got pregnant too, but miscarried shortly after. My son was born exactly one year after her. Now that she’s had her no.2, I hope i can have my no.2 soon!

Please, Ya Allah, it is only to You that we pray to, and only to You that we ask for help and forgiveness. Here’s to the Best Friends Forever (BFFs) in your life! Boys may come and go, but you know your girls are always with you. Well, most of the time that is…

My, how much we’ve grown!

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  1. Girl! I JUST came across this entry and JUST read it! It’s sooo sweet & I’m really touched. Thanks so much for your kind words. Much love from your BFF here too.
    I do hope & pray that Allah will grant your prayers for a second ‘lil one soon. In the mean time, enjoy life.. Hope to meet u soon 🙂

    • Yes we are overdue for our (monthly? Quarterly? More like annually!) meet up n chats and gossip.. (Cough cough, besides our usual intellectual conversation on global economy and politics that is.)
      I look at it a different way now. As long as Umar is healthy and growing I am really blessed and grateful. Better than having none at all!

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