On… Thinking backwards, and other life strategies

According to an article I read today, there are apparently ways to maneuver life’s tricky pathways and steer yourself on the road to success. I have no idea whether they work, but because the destination is appealing, I sure as hell am going to try.

Firstly, you are supposed to think backwards – similar to ‘begin with the end in mind’ (Stephen Covey if I remember the 7 habits well enough). It’s supposed to be less daunting because you start with your goals first instead of a long list of steps to get there.

The dream end of the line for me (in this world) is to die peacefully, around the ages of 70-75, sometime after subuh, surrounded by my children, grandchildren and family members, who are crying and reading Yassin. This was exactly how my arwah beloved grandmother passed away. We were up all night, surrounding her, reading and praying with tears streaming down our faces, but after she left, we were happy for her because she looked so peaceful.

So now, what are the steps to get from then to here? Obviously, I must have grandchildren, who will be the children of my children, and (hopefully) they must all have grown up well and love me.

And in order to do that, I must also be a good grandma, mother and wife, in that order. So far alhamdulillah have been blessed with being the later two (and hopefully getting there on more children). So far, progress tick.

Also, I want to happy and peaceful so I want to be able to have achieved something in life. Sometimes I dream of it through work, sometimes through charitable acts and sometimes something out of the box which I don’t dare write here. I hope it will be a combination of all of the above. Progress tick.

I would want to have travelled the world (still ticking), lived and worked overseas (tick), and went to Haj (insya Allah before turning 40; although I have performed umrah when i was pregnant). Climbed Mount Kinabalu. Dived in Sipadan. Seen the pyramids, Alhambra, Santorini, Macchu Picchu, African safari.

I want to be able to be comfortable in my own home and being a so-called domestic goddess (which I feared for so long). Spend time with my mom, siblings and family. Give to charity and perform voluntary work. Work wise, I think I’ve said enough: I want to wake up happy and bouncing off to work.

Now, is it me or the list still seems daunting?

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