The year before 2012

As with everyone else, my heart breaks to see another natural disaster happening, this time in Japan. After the floods in Australia and Brazil (amongst others including Malaysia), earthquake in NZ and China and now this. In a very short time – hardly 3-4 months.

There has definitely been an increase in the number of devastating natural disasters. Growing up I don’t remember it to be this frequent.

Some people have pointed out that next year is 2012 – the year that was predicted to be End of Days. We Muslims believe that there are increasing signs that it definitely is coming based on some small signs quoted by Hadith and Quran.

Crazy things are happening in the world. Leaders becoming increasingly corrupt and rich while their citizens suffer in poverty. Kids being raped, abused and murdered, sometimes by their own parents. Wives and husbands forgetting their place. Death of ethics and integrity.

Muslims are being portrayed as terrorizing and angry community, ready to kill and blow up innocent women and children. And in some cases this was probably true, but most of the times way off base because their frustrations and suffering have not been understood.

It almost seems, sometimes, like everyone is at war within themselves. Celebrities are real life case studies of this happening as they experience a meltdown after another. Marriages fail as people are unable to work out differences. Children become victims and rise to the same life cycle when they grow up.

It is scary, it is depressing, and it makes me nervous about bringing up my son to face this increasingly erratic world.

I remember a line from the Quran, “the greatest battle is within yourself.” For a weak and flawed human being, I certainly know that’s true.

I missed some prayer times today and am feeling like #%*?! now. Must fight the battle harder.

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