7 sins continued: gluttony

pic from: http://u.lasoo.com.au

As I write this, it is almost 11pm at night and I’m snacking on Coles’ yummy Snickers cookies and tea laden with nearly 2 tsp sugar. Hence this next sin discussion is timely.

I’ve always had an ultimate weakness for high-sugar, high-fat, high-junk food delicacies.

And has this become a problem? I’m not fat but has issues around my middle.

Since they say it’s not necessarily about visible fatness but rather your fitness and internal health (ie diet and exercise) I wouldn’t be surprised if I have high (nauzubillah) cholesterol and sugar levels.

I know it’s something I really should do – to focus on healthy food and working out – But isn’t it easier said than done?

Besides working full time, I also do household chores and take care of my 4 year old son. I know its no excuse so I’m gonna try buck up. You know, shape up or ship out.

And to prove how bad i am (or was if I’m thinking positively) I worked with the same company for 8 years with the opportunity to conduct an executive screening program every 2 years. And I never did, probably out of fear of finding out.

As they say, ignorance is bliss. But not anymore.. From now on, it’s light stretches in the morning, full 5 prayers (they’re good for me physically too), less snacking and wii exercise 2-3x a week.

From tomorrow, I mean. For now, there’s another 2 pieces of those damn Snickers cookies…

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