7 sins continued: What’s lust got to do with it?

The Academy Awards were held on Sunday in Tinseltown and media commentators and journalists are still talking about it today (or rather, gleefully focusing on the lack of success it had in generating more/younger viewers).

Naturally excited with following pop culture happenings, I too was glued to the Twitter updates and even managed to catch the first hour of it on TV at my colleague’s desk during lunch. I don’t know why other younger viewers (the key demographic of 18-49 year olds saw a lower figure of 12% YoY) weren’t attracted to watch the 2 beautiful hosts – I certainly was!

Despite what I’ve talked about before about Western culture dominating us, you have to admit that in the entertainment industry Hollywood is still the world no.1 and it has a permanent competitive advantage over others, at least for the foreseeable future. So there’s not much of an issue on not following your own country’s artists – the simple point is, they are better.

However, there is an issue that I have with the industry. In contrast to the Western culture or promoting human rights and female advancement, as I get older, I see more and more evidence that in this case, they are definitely not practising what they preach.

I retweeted this today which I think sums it up succinctly:

StephenManganReading Oscars coverage: so basically men get to write, direct and produce big films and women get to wear pretty dresses.”

Men controlling the capital, production, creativity and budget – fine, it’s easy to concede that at the end of the day it’s very much a man’s world. I don’t actually have a problem with this because I’m a Muslim and I understand that men are given more abilities and power, only because THEY HAVE HIGHER RESPONSIBILITIES, y’ understand. It’s like that scene in Spiderman “With power comes great responsibility” et all.

But women giving in to the self-perpetuating cycle and going at length to expose themselves (literally and figuratively) – that, I am less able to understand. And whenever a female presenter stands straight in front of the tv, two words often come to mind: cleavage distracts.

And let’s not talk about music videos by female artists these days. I saw a glimpse of the new Gaga this morning and she was basically just wearing underwear. And Rihanna. And Beyonce. And siapa siapa lagila artis perempuan these days.

I understand (very very much) how wonderful it is to get dressed up (by the world’s finest designers, no less) and dolled up for big occasions. But to expose your beauty and sexiness to the max – just because you can – gets me feeling increasingly jaded. Isn’t it a bit like having tons of money and parading in front of the poor and homeless?

And to look stunning and sexy to all men (and therefore husbands) is not only tiring, it may also be bad for your karma. How many men will be awed in your presence and beauty that it will make them look at their wives with less adulation? What good will come out of looking so hot, that you get all the men hot and bothered when they get home? Why is it so important to you to turn on every man that you meet?

Maybe this is related to my own jealousy at not having what they have.. but still, surely there are ways to look beautiful but yet modest, serene and not making every single men in the room go weak in the knees (and therefore making his wife green with envy and seething with hopelessness inside).

That being said, I totally understand every woman’s desire to look and feel her best. I myself am not a 100% covered girl – my chosen mode of scarf these days cover my hair but not my neck and sometimes not my shape – so this may sound a bit ironic.

But like I said, I’m getting older and thinking about these things more.. and I’m seeing the roots of lust as a sin not just from the male perspective, but also the woman’s. And that makes me appreciate my religion more – because the prevention is always better than having to apply the cure.

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