On.. loving God above it all

I once attended ESQ, the highly controversial spirituality camp that everyone had to attend on a compulsory basis when I was working with my old company.

For all its controversies, I really liked the camp and took away a lot of things from it.  To me, anything that helps to remind you of God, and how little and weak you are, and how you’re going to end up alone in the grave, is good.

One main takeaway is something I never really thought of before (although I may have been taught it in theory, but it never really sank in) is this: you have to love Allah swt first. Above everything and everybody else in this whole wide world; that includes your kids, your spouse, your family, and certainly above yourself.

I don’t know about other Muslims but being a weak hamba Allah who is still learning, I found this to be a rather new concept to implement on a day-to-day basis after the course (again, apologies if others think this is something obvious and automatic). But now that I am more aware of it, I am definitely working towards it and hopefully one day Insya Allah I can get there.

All my life, i’ve looked up to friends who are more religious and spiritually strong than me, especially in my early 20’s when I was still pretty lost and clueless. It’s good to have them around as they literally help to make you a better person (such as reminding “Dah solat dah?” etc.) and remind you that you are supposed to be a good Muslim.

One of the couples that amaze me are Din and Min. Din is an old colleague – we were thrown in the same department and worked together for the first couple of years – and is working towards getting his PhD in Leicester by the end of this year.

The touching story about them is they have a special baby, Mawaddah, who has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, a rare genetic condition. Masya Allah, as a mother, I am extremely touched when reading their blog entries about their journey together with Mawaddah and their two boys. I pray that all will be well for them as they are one of the nicest people and sweetest couples I have ever met.

I had earlier written another draft of my latest post, but upon reading Din’s blog I stopped it and wrote this one instead. Not just to bring attention to the condition and Mawaddah’s case and to pray for them, but also to remind myself of the blessings Allah has given me that I have been too selfish and ungrateful to focus on sometimes.

Ya Allah, we are all just pieces of clay.. and we need Your help in so many aspects of our lives. Please continue to give us Your blessings and rahmat, and to give us the strength, happiness and rezeki we all seek. Amin.

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  1. Aww, am flattered with the nice words of yours here. Sweet couple eh? Thanks too for the thoughts and prayers for us and little Mawaddah.

    and you definitely remind me about PNB and our level 19th dept, work-wise i know I was struggling at times to meet the people expectations in the dept, En Idris especially, but i think i’d tried my best, and i was lucky to have you, kak zura, Shahidan, Nik, kak mimi, & sairah as colleagues, and also Miss Lim with all the encouragement and supports. I must admit, I always shudder at the thought of having dept meeting at 17th, takut betul dengar soalan2 en idris hahaa, but miss lim always back me up and cover for me back then. Friendship-wise, yes i always cherish the moments we had together in the dept, also with all friends in Oct 01 mgt trainee program. Lama sungguh tak get in touch dengan depa tu, last time through fb, but since I deactivated my fb last year, it seems that I already lost touch with their developments. Ni pun baru jumpa blog you, i know you are in Australia before, but know nothing more than that, I was thinking maybe PNB opens up an international office in Australia just like what they have here in London, and you are among the chosen one to work there.

    amin amin to your doa.. dont worry, we do it at our own pace, in our own way, afterall Allah knows our intention, one step we make an effort to be closer to Him, He will make Himself 1000 steps nearer to us. Bak kata mak min, jangan putus asa dgn rahmat Allah, insyaAllah He will always there for us.

  2. Amin again. Yelah hidup ni macam2 and penuh dgn dugaan ye tak Din.

    19th floor was the best working period I think, walaupun menakutkan sebab baru sangat lagi masa tu and so much to learn. We were very lucky indeed to have Ms Lim as our first boss.

    I bukan dgn PNB lagi, I left in 09 and joined Usaha Tegas instead. Got a transfer to Melbourne ni pun under a UT subsidiary sebab mintak nak duduk sama dgn Hafeez for his MBA here. Alhamdulillah dapat, but the office may be closing down in 2H 2011 so I have to look elsewhere. For now ni both of us looking for a job here. Kalau tak dapat then we will go back to KL.

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