Putting The Secret into practise

Yes, along with Oprah and perhaps millions of people in the world, I have read The Secret. Well, if you count reading it in half an hour at the library, speeding through some of the parts of motivational quotes overdosing, that is.

But I do wonder – does it work, and if so, why? Is it just a marketing gimmick? Is it spiritual or on the other hand is it blasphemous? Or maybe is it actually a part of our common sense and even endorsed by religion?

The Quran actually states that in times of hardship, you will find relief or in Malay “dalam kesusahan, ada kesenangan“. This is an inspiring yet practical quote since all of us from time to time will keep getting bumps and challenges in life.

I don’t know if the attitude I choose to understand from The Secret is true, but combining it with the Quranic verse and practical advice I will try putting them in practice.

Instead of moping over what I didn’t get, I will focus on what Allah has given and blessed me with. Instead of feeling like a victim or a child who didn’t get the last lollipop, I will see the challenge (dugaan) like a reminder that I am a weak human and belong to Him. Instead of being sad of a loss (or absence), I will count my blessings and be happy with what I have. And I will still ask and pray (and visualize) some more.

Starting with my gratitude journal, where I write down 5 things I’m grateful of, and the usual 5 daily prayers, I will choose to remember. By stopping the habit of envying others and turning it to focus on what I have, hopefully I will be among the grateful.

And hopefully, insya Allah, He will grant my prayers as and when He believes. And I hope at that time i will remain grateful and blessed. Perhaps, that is the real secret.

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