If life is a playlist

If life is a series of playlists, the one I’m currently playing (and developing) is the melancholic one with underlying
lyrics of being at a crossroads.

Songs that immediately spring to mind: Torn – Natalie Imbruglia, Di dalam dilemma – KRU, Dilemma – Nelly/Kelly Rowland, Reflections – Christina Aguilera, Whaddaya want from me – Adam Lambert.

A further quick search through my iPhone finds me Somewhere only we know – Keane, Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield, Standing still – Jewel, Make it happen – Mariah Carey, We can work it out – Beatles among others.

Maybe I will go ahead and create one. In my iPhone I already have different playlists meant to be played during different moods and stages of life. So far I’ve got Cheer up, Rock it out, Top songs of all time, 90’s music, Rainy day in New York, Walking music, Life as I know it (songs that remind me of certain memories) and Malay songs/Lagu raya.

I wish there’s a song that accurately depicts crossroads and the intricacies of making choices in life. And boy, how I wish it was easier to go back and manage the results so you can still turn out winning.

It’s like those Choose Your Own Adventure books you read when you were younger. You make a decision – based on common sense, information you have in hand and your gut feel – and you flip to the corresponding page and find out whether it was the right choice. If you end up making the wrong one (or at times, dead) you just go back and choose another path.

Of course, if that were true there wouldn’t be a point in living a life, would there? There would be no cause and effect, responsibilities and consequences. No failures, hence no achievements. No adversity, therefore no triumphs.

The older I get, the more I realise that for all my flaws, weaknesses and failures, the all-in-one package that is myself is all I have. My sins and pahala, my wrongdoings and good doings, my rotten flesh and my soul, all of us end up in the grave as one. Nobody else. It’s only you and me, dude.

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