On.. getting over the next hump

Humps and bumps are aplenty in life – we are reminded on this common sense daily through observation of our own and others’ life happenings. Read the newspaper and you will discover true stories which leave you with emotions ranging from horrified, teary, amused or envious. God seems to decide on certain situations for some people, while giving more (from the human’s flawed naked eye) to some seemingly fortunate ones.

The truth is, it happens to each and everyone of us at different times and in different situations. Mainly, a new development occurs and you are left at a sudden crossroads. Having weighed your options you decide on a solution, embark on overcoming the challenge and sigh with relief, shout with joy or become disappointed (depending on the outcome of the effort). And so you move on to the next one.

The next bump in the road may not be clearly visible right after you overcome the previous one. Rather, you may be taken on a straight and rising path – which at a time may suddenly appear smooth and easy to manoeuvre. When that happens, watch out – a big bump may be building up, and suddenly the road gets rougher; the ascent becomes steeper; uncertainty beckons and you become nervous about how you’re going to overcome this sudden ‘mountain’ upon you.

Fear not, as this is life – it’s meant to be that way. If you feel like you’re not strong enough, or you feel like you’re the only one that’s come up across this huge bump, or have been given a few in a row, much more than you’d like – there are times you may feel like there’s been anything but – try and keep the faith. As my mom said to me, “What is life all about if not overcoming these challenges and becoming a better person?”

I am now at one of those crossroads. It doesn’t seem such a bad situation when i think about it – at the worst-case scenario, a return back to square one is less scary because it’s a familiar, well-trodden path, and it involves having more loved ones in our lives. At best, i can use this opportunity to discover the world that may be available for me out there. And whatever happens, I will always have my 3Fs. And so far, they all say i have the tenacity and ambition to go further (nak cuba jugak fulfill challenge topic for today tu.. ha ha).

As my mom also advised, I should now pray more, perform more specific hajat prayers and tahajjud, to find out the right path for me to take. And of course, pray for Allah to continue blessing us and allowing us to embark on another journey – physically (growing a family, working and earning more, saving for a house to settle down in), mentally (discovering another exciting chapter at work, growing as a parent) and spiritually (continued prayers and Asking for the best of both worlds).

At least, this is what i know in theory anyway.. 😛

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  1. I like this post Niza. I just wanna share something, when Mawaddah came to us, and when we made to know about her conditions, that time we felt like the whole world came crashing upon us; that first week had been tough for us with all thoughts about how she gonna live with that WHS syndrom, her development, her future etc etc, and everything about her conditions really made us sooo scared to think more about her beyond tomorrow.

    And yeah, fortunately we have that too, i mean the 3Fs, they are always by our side, being in touch with us all the time through our difficult times, and the wise words from min’s mum and dad, and my family too, giving us the much-needed solace, and able to make us look at the bright side of it, and now we realize that Allah really have an incredible way of showing his loves to us.

    Mawaddah taught us a lot of things, we become more sabar, always berbaik sangka dgn Allah, yakin, berlapang dada, pasrah dan tawakkal always, tahap kebergantungan yg tinggi pada Dia, and the best thing is that we now have many friends who have special need kids, and some of them are really in worse conditions than Mawaddah but their parents are absolutely incredible, always positive, happy, and have wonderful faith about their children’s capabilities, which really struck us deep inside how we are not so bersyukur to Him. We also found other cases of WHS children who are worse than Mawaddah. Oh, now we understand Allah’s love is abundance on us, and He shows us his loves and belssings in many ways unthinkable to us.

    Yes, never forget to do solat hajat and tahajjud (though sometimes i also miss it) but always strive to make it habit. insyAllah Allah will show us the path.

    • Din, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Min. I dah baca your blog since I found out through Yana’s blog in December; tapi simple words and kata2 are not enough rasanya to say how I truly feel. Mawaddah is indeed very special; she has touched my heart a trillion times more than any other babies that I have read about. And I am very amazed and proud of what good parents you and Min are; very courageous, loving and selfless. And you remain in love with Allah, with your family, and with each other – and your marriage and iman gets stronger! Alhamdulilllah and masya Allah. May Allah swt continue to bless you both and with your beautiful kids. Your children and especially Mawaddah are very lucky to have you and Min as wonderful parents.

      I like what you say about berbaik sangka dgn Allah… I think my own dugaan (tak ada rezeki dpt 2nd baby so far) is nothing compared to yours; yet I am so tak sabar and ungrateful in comparison! Rasanya my blog posts, which reflect my thoughts and problems in life, are so relatively unimportant and duniawi and I feel ashamed. Tapi life as we all know it as a journey, and I hope in time I can be better, more patient, and more grateful. We will continue trying, tapi at the same time you and Min have taught me to be more redha and bersyukur kepada Allah swt atas segala rahmatnya. Thank you, my friends.

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