Dream kitchen

I now know how my dream kitchen will look like. Every day on the way to work, I will pass by Outpost, a cafe near my office. It has a beautiful quaint open-plan kitchen and breakfast bar as shown in this pic below taken from their website:

I love to come here with colleagues (usually after pay day :P) or even alone, just to be able to sit on one of the stools and watch as they rustle up dishes and handle orders. The staff are always friendly and they recognise me as a local already, always asking “How’re you doing? Haven’t seen you in a while” etc – not realising that my budget is limited and I have to pick the times and dates to go in!

Don’t you just love the pic? Imagine the ambience, the hustle and bustle. That’s how I hope my own kitchen will look, feel and sound like one day.

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  1. It’s actually pretty small (hence why I consider it doable to have in my own dream house :P). Yg nampak besar ni camera trick sebenarnya.
    I was just writing another post when you wrote your comment.. kita ni kadang2 ada telephathy lah! 🙂

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