Skipping a day (or two)

Oops. I’ve already broken one of my new year resolutions and the 30-day writing challenge by skipping the weekend and a busy working Monday yesterday. Therefore I’ve modified my resolution (because I can :)) to say that weekends and some working days can be an exception and I can continue with the challenge the next available day, like today.

Day 4: Something that is part of your routine that you enjoy. Hmmm.. this is going to be a tough one. I’m not sure I would say there is any part that I absolutely enjoy, but there are several moments in the day when I can appreciate an angle to one part of the routine.

I’ve already discussed my typical working day, to which I’m sure my readers would agree there’s nothing there particularly enjoyable about it – ha ha. Thus, it’s got to be another part of the day – i.e. outside of work. I’ve recounted one of my favourite moments during my train ride – about silently cheering on other fellow passengers – so again it’s gotta be something else. I do enjoy catching a rainbow on the steps to my office on a sunny day – but this being Melbourne, a sunny day’s becoming an increasingly rare commodity – even in summer, so that probably won’t do either.

Having lunch and chatting with colleagues is pretty fun but due to my limited budget, I often end up eating by myself if the rest is out or running errands (it’s a very small office). Surfing during breaks and catching up with friends/family over social networks is another favourite time of day. But I would have to say, out of all the favourite moments or little joys during the day – the absolute best time is when I reach home and am greeted by my adorable, cheeky, grinning son.

And after dinner, when DH and I are curled up on the sofa watching a good movie – or our favourite Monday night combination of Glee and Undercover Boss (surprisingly addictive!) – while Umar is lounging around playing his train set – and the day ends blissfully – is when I sigh with satisfaction and feels that everything else is worth it, and thank God silently for all His blessings.

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  1. It’s nice, isn’t it? Being able to go back home and be hugged by our loved ones after a long and sometimes frustrating day? We should really count our blessings ‘cos not everyone has that sort of “luxury”!

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