On.. New Year resolutions

Yes, you’re probably bored to death of reading other people’s resolutions by now, but what’s one more. Last time I made them was in 2009, in which I wanted to (a) pass my CFA exams, (b) cook more often (or in DH’s opinion, learn to cook), (c).. tak ingat, so long ago. In 2010, my only problem was basically figure out how to come to Melbourne to be with DH during his MBA, and still hold on to a job. Alhamdulillah, I’ve managed to achieve all of them now. So 2011 is a good time to start new ones – which are:

  1. Have a baby (and a healthy and panjang umur one at that)
  2. Blog more (and better!)
  3. Advance in my career (if not by position, salary at least)
  4. Lose 2kg and get back to my preferable weight of 50kg (obviously unless I am blessed with (1))
  5. Dance and sing more (just because it makes me happy).

Tools to make me achieve them are:

  1. Going to back to what I used 5 years ago (coz they worked then) – ivillage.com message boards, charting or OPK, and also, err.. getting Umar to sleep in a separate bed! ūüėõ
  2. Gonna take up the Post Everyday Challenge, and use this neat 30-day writing challenge (thank you WordPress!)
  3. Maximizing my job satisfaction by calling/meeting people more (as from this earlier post, I realised that I draw energy from such activities and surroundings), CFA website, LinkedIn, articles from Oprah such as this!
  4. Just Dance on Wii, dancing and singing while washing dishes (try it! It works!)
  5. Deriving from (4) above, as well as being braver to sing by myself in public (e.g. train station) ala the quote¬†“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,¬†Love like you’ll never be hurt,¬†Sing like there’s nobody listening,¬†And live like it’s heaven on earth.”¬†‚ÄĒ¬†William W. Purkey

Starting off the first topic from the¬†30-day writing challenge –¬†Day 01: Something you’re looking forward to this year; which is easy – I’m looking forward to my family coming in May! The plan for now is that the whole lot is coming after Hafeez’s graduation Insya Allah (my mom, sisters, brothers in law, and niece/nephew) which will be such a blast. Hopefully all will go well with work so that I can organise and have the neccessary days off. They want to go to Sydney, Great Ocean Road and Tasmania (which I’ve heard is just beautiful) so there will be some mighty planning to make it within budget.

Oh, and another smaller resolution – I’ll be changing the blog theme every now and then. I’m planning to be more carefree this year so I shall just change it whenever I feel like it! And I’ll ask my loyal readers (which currently number the grand total of 2.. hehe) which one they like best (because according to the post, I’m also a democratic leader :P).

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