Official end of the last decade

Officially, the definition of a decade is the year that starts with 1; i.e. 2001 – 2010. So today is thus the last day of the noughties’ decade.  And how different am I now compared to 10 years ago?

Answer: Very Different Indeed. 10 years ago I was definitely kind of lost – not really sure who I was as a person, was jumping in and out of relationships, striving to finish my education the best that I can, unsure about the world and was basically a loser had little knowledge and spirituality. Now – alhamdulillah I have rediscovered my faith, am very sure of who I am, have settled down with a good husband (definition? someone with a good heart, for the heart is the one organ that determines the rest of you) and a beautiful son, and have made leaps and bounds in career (definitely in distance travelled! He he).

And if you need proof, this is basically what I was doing 10 years ago (ironically DH is also here :)) – performing and pretending I had no problems:

DH and I (not yet even near being a couple at this point), with some friends, performing at IC Malaysian Night 2001


I pray that the next 10 years will bring me even more blessings, happiness, success and certainties in life. I hope to be a mother of 3 (at least) in 2021, successful and happy in a career that makes me jump out of bed in the morning and proud to talk about it, still talking and holding hands with DH, and travelling the world in exciting new adventures with my family.

I’m excited to be in my 30s and looking forward to the next decade! Insya Allah, with God’s help.

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