On… the greatness that is Oprah

Oprah is here for her Ultimate Australian Adventure, and I have just found out that she will be in Melbourne today. After not getting tickets to her two Sydney shows at Opera House (dubbed now Oprah House) and not getting any replies after my Ultimate Viewer Skype interview and email correspondences in September, this is at least a bright spot for me. I have told my boss that I will be going to Fed Square at 4pm to try catch her in person! If I can even catch a glimpse of her, and hear her voice (she is going to be on stage for just 15 mins) I will be happy.

Words can’t describe how much I love and admire that woman. She is just amazing and inspires me to be a better person. There have been so many episodes which took my breath away – the Randy Pausch episode, the child porn one, the Rwandan family reunion one, her co-hosts Nate, Dr Phil, Suze Orman and all the magic they’ve created in people’s lives. I don’t know how, but I really aspire to be something (hopefully at least remotely close) to what she is. She has always taught to be true to one self and find your true calling – I don’t know how and when, Oprah, but thanks to you, I know i will get there.

Update: I did see her! She rolled down her car window and waved right in front of me and my friend. We were super ecstatic! Pic below.

Hellooo Oprah!!! I'm your biggest fan!!

Hellooo Oprah!!! I’m your biggest fan!!

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