On.. cheering after fellow passengers

I really like silently cheering for fellow train commuters who are running after the train, don’t you? As i get off, I would usually see a few people running towards the train (tells you something about Melbourne train system and its less-frequent-than desired train timetable) and vainly trying to get in before the doors close (or attempting to catch the attention of the driver – who may actually pay attention and wait, which might explain why there are infrequent and delayed trains in the first place). And later if I turn around to check and see that they did manage to get on, I would make a small punch in the air and go “Yes!” and that would actually make me happy.

So as you can see, folks, it actually doesn’t take much to make me happy. Just give me happiness, health and wealth… and some successful train-chasing passengers any day.

Categories: Melbourne, Musings

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