On.. celebrating another New Year

Happy New Year or Salam Maal Hijrah to all fellow Muslims. The Ummah throughout the world celebrates another new year today. To celebrate, we read these end-of-year and beginning-of-new-year prayer:

2010 has, Alhamdulillah, been good to us. We were granted this fortunate and much-appreciated experience to reside in Melbourne and be back together as a family. Since the beginning of the year until now, I can honestly say this (Islamic, but also soon to be the secular) year really flew by quickly.

This December I am praying for more rahmat and berkat on two things I really want: A baby, and tickets to see the Oprah show. Have been trying on both accounts with no rezeki so far. For Oprah I thought I had a shot as they contacted me for a Skype interview a few months ago (for ‘Ultimate Viewers’) and followed it up with an email asking about locations in Australia (no doubt searching for potential shooting themes and places), but ever since then zilch. Yada. Apart from the email informing me I did not manage to get tickets to the Opera House show. But I’m still clinging on to some hope about the Ultimate Viewer thingy… or as my sister said, maybe I didn’t appear ‘dramatic’ enough? Like in her words, if I were a one-legged, Olympic winner/high achiever who overcame the odds, or lost my family in a coup/war/walked halfway throughout the continent, I would have been selected.

If I had to choose which one I wanted more, obviously, hands-down it would be a healthy baby yang panjang umurnya, but as a an ex-colleague of mine K.Zura (who I deeply admire) used to say, “Why choose what you want to pray for? Just pray for both, Allah is Great and may grant you both if you ask”.

So here I am, asking. The countdown to both is c.1-2 weeks, coinciding with the start of my 2-week vacation with my lovely in-laws. Counting down the days… and hoping the results are positive..

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  1. Hi Kak Niza!!!!!

    So glad u started this blog! Havent listened to you rambled in a while. Hee. We all miss you hereeree! And will pray for your baby toooo!


    • Thanks Ad. You pun start la. U kan nak jadi future Wan Azizah/tai tai extraodinaire, so surely the daily life will be very exciting! He he.
      And thanks for the prayers! Need them! So far still takde rezeki, hopefully it will come soon. Don’t want Umar to grow up having imaginary friends!

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