On a weekend break to Ballarat… and a near-death experience

This is the first weekend that my in laws are in Melbourne and we decided to spend it in Ballarat. A little history: Ballarat is a gold mining town and the start of democracy in Australia when miners rebelled against corrupt government practices in the ‘Eureka’ uprising in 1854. We stayed at this beautiful old cottage with 3 bedrooms/ bathrooms, complete with quaint country furniture and decor. Pictures will mainly be in my facebook, but the highlights are:

And on the scarier note of near-death experiences: I was driving along the Western Ringroad towards the Melbourne Tullamarine airport to pickup DH and FIL who were returning our rental cars. As I was calling Hafeez to warn him that our FIL may have been lost, I drifted into the left lane, slowed the car down to 60 km/hr to dial and turn the call on speaker. Out of nowhere a gigantic (or that’s what it seemed like at the time) truck loomed behind me and flashed their lights, warning me to get out of the way as if the driver couldn’t slow down. I froze but quickly signalled to shift into the middle lane whilst scanning the side mirror to ensure the coast was clear. Alhamdulillah and with God’s grace, I managed to move and the truck zoomed past me in the left, the driver honking furiously at me. So. Lesson learnt: Never slow the car down and steer into the left lane under the false impression that doing so is safer to make a call – a fast moving truck wouldn’t be able to slow down in time.

I couldn’t imagine what would have happened had I not moved away in time, or if the middle lane was not empty at the time. My own family’s sorrow flashed before my eyes, but the person I kept thinking about was of course Umar. I could not ever do anything that could rob him of the ability to wake up and just call out for Mama. Ya Allah, please provide me with the health and long life that can enable me to give him all that I can as a good mother.

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