A daily schedule of an analyst

Just FYI, in case you’re wondering what analysts do. I must caution you though that there are many types of ‘analysts’; specifically my current job is a business analyst, which usually is associated with IT. I was a securities/investment analyst before, where most of the day would be similar except it was associated with stocks instead of a business, and involved a lot more external trips and events.

My typical day starts like this:

7am: Wake up, after, hopefully having waken up earlier for Subuh prayers. Take a shower, convince Umar to wake up and take a shower. Have cereal for breakfast.

8.00am: Take the train to work after dropping Umar off.

8.45am: Arrive at work. Start off with reading previous days’ emails (i get work emails on my iphone but they’re already categorised by folders and don’t come out automatically except for inbox) and reply immediately whenever I can, which usually involves adding some attachments or document.

9.30: After a glance at the news headlines, I work on and send out a morning report to the top executives in the Group and O&G business in KL, Jakarta and Melbourne, detailing the top happenings and compiled articles from the day before relating to the sector.

10.30: I go back to the email inventory and work on any deliverables that need to be fixed/answered. Usually it’s relating to an event in the sector where I need to dig up more information – if the company is listed i will go to broker reports, if not I look at the corporate website and Google for newspaper articles. I also may call my colleague in KL/Jakarta or receive some calls in relation to any earlier email/work.

11.30: I work on my backlog of deliverables, which include corporate valuation and modelling, analysing comparable valuation metrics and internal analysis of the business. Internally we have our 2011 budget going on where I had to provide gas & oil price, exchange rate and financing cost forecasts.

12.30: Break for lunch where, being a non-PR sole breadwinner and I-have-a-child-in-preschool person in Australia, I tend to bring my own lunch. Almost. Everyday. Usually can la eat out once or twice a week, but no more. It would’ve been nice if my office is in the CBD though (right now it’s in South Yarra, just 2 trains stops from Flinders St in the city) which would mean I could have lunch breaks or walks to the shops.

1.30: Back to working on the deliverables. In addition to the earlier mentioned work, I also have to produce internal reports for any Board meetings, presentations, Exco meetings or general strategy papers. Right now we’re working on some potential acquisitions to beef up our portfolio pursuant to a capital market transaction, so more work on analysing and reading up on the opportunities. From time to time I liase with investment and commercial bankers relating to our financing facility or brokers if I need any sector/company-specific information.

3.30: At some point before 3-5pm (depending on the season) I will break for zuhur/asar prayers (usually purposely done around the border time so I can do a combo, which my former colleague used to say was Jamak Takyah). I pray at the shower/disabled bathroom and I bring a small bag for my light sejadah, telekung and socks. Praying is a good break time for me to breathe, meditate and ask for help from Allah to make my day easier and make my prayers/dreams come true. At the moment top of the list will be baby, baby, baby.

4.30: If DH has night classes or group meetings I will leave at this time to go home and pick up Umar from preschool. Otherwise, I tend to go home at 5.30 or 6+ if something comes up. The last i’ve had to leave before was around 7-8+pm in relation to some work with the KL office.

6-7pm: Arrive home and cook dinner (if I arrive first) or sit down to a hot dinner (if DH came home first). Bathe Umar and get him into pajamas. Pray maghrib.

9-10pm: DH is usually glued to his laptop and handsome boy will amuse himself with the TV, DVDs, Wii or toys. Sometimes I read him books or layan him drawing and colouring. Other times I may catch something on the idiot box or even bake if I’m not too tired.

10-11pm: Pray isha, take my vitamins and turn in for the night before waking up to do everything all over again.

And so the rat race continues…

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  1. A busy day indeed! Mine is waaay more relaxed, hence, we get paid much, much less, hehehe..
    But all that’s about to change now that I’m expected to be actively involved in research and one day supervise Masters/PhD students.
    Here’s to us as mommies in the modern, working world!

  2. Ni kira dah relax byk ni… compared to working life in KL, kena keluar lepas subuh/by 7+ to avoid the jam, balik jam lagi. Plus at UT balik at 8-9pm. Not missing that part of KL corporate working life at all!! Jadi academician lagi best and more flexible, plus you have a noble service to the nation. Unlike us where the purpose is to make somebody else richer!

  3. gosh..am smiling now reading your blog! welcome to bloggers world makcik:-) u you what? right now, i really really miss working life-> kerja kat library tu x kira la. really miss being academician. this career break is quite depressing now..but one clear thing that i learn from your entry, yani’s comments and reflecting it to my experience..is that be grateful with what we have now;-) cherish this moment, altho how sucks it is,becoz we gonna miss them when they gone (except that KL corporate working life, hahahahaha…)

    • He he thank you thank you! Yani la yg berjaya convince i. Dulu i ada jugak baca blog dia tapi dah lama tak tgk, and then tgk yours terus i was sold! Siap beli domain sendiri tu.. over tak?
      You really miss working life?! I guess the grass really is greener on the other side kan Yana. Me and my fellow careerwoman friends selalu je dream all the time to stop working, stay at home and be a tai-tai/domestic goddess ala Nigella. Really man, day in day out, reports to churn, lack of going out and meeting real people.. sigh. I think I’m still struggling with finding the best career that would match my passion and skills, since one is left brain but the other is right brain.
      So what are you doing at the moment? Lepas dah dapat PhD.. u tak nak go back to work as a lecturer ke?

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    • Oh thank you! I’m sure there are more articles similiar as this out there, but thanks very much and I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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