In laws in town

Yesterday  my in laws arrived in the morning and I had to pick them up at the airport and get them settled in our cozy little house. Technically I was working – working from home for the day, as my company calls it. I have seen other colleagues do it whenever something comes up, like, for instance, if they have the workmen coming over for repairs. Never done it before so it was nice to have the flexibility! And I didn’t get lost. Phew. And Alhamdulillah.

So now it’s back to the grind, although the office is quiet as my CEO is undergoing gallbladder surgery today. Wanted to go visit him but I guess it’s not really done here, unless it’s a close family member. Recalling my working days in my previous company, we used to relish any opportunity to go visit a colleague in the hospital – it was a chance to get out and about during the day!

A usual activity before kickstarting work after a weekend is to read the weekend gossip newspapers online from back home. Keeps me feeling close to home, ha ha. What is a woman without gossip? I wonder.

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